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TRT Dosages? Estrogen Blocker Needed?

Hi All,
Lot of people who seem to have had experience with trt so wondering if i can get your advice about dosages.
Ive started 200 mg test cyp weekly, 1 mg weekly anastrozole ( estrogen blocker), and 50 units hcg twice a week.
Also the anastrozole is already mixed with the testosterone shot, so its just one shot together
Ive been hearing people say not to use an estrogen blocker and some say yes you should.
Can someone please help to weed out if an estrogen blocker is a good idea?

Im sorry .5 anastrozole per week is what im on

I see no labs. Once weekly injections will only work for hyper metabolizers who also have very high SHBG. I’m confused, you say that 1mg AI is mixed with the test but you are on .5m AI weekly.

Test mixed with AI’s is stupid and tells me your doctor is also stupid, what are you supposed to do if you need to lower the AI dosage while your testosterone levels are good?

yeah i had made a mistake when 1st posting the 1mg anastrozole per week, its only the .5 mg. I dont have my labs currently on me since im at work lol but will post later

and I agree that its not ordeal to have the AI already mixed with the test shot. Thats what actually has made me nervous and questioning it because I ve read threads where people are saying to take .25 mg or none at all cause it can crash your estrogen levels which some estrogen is needed. i know labs are important to guide this so I apologize for leaving you in dark on that. Just looking to get general sensus if starting trt right away with an estrogen blocker is bad idea. I do know my estrodial test level was 14.3 which i believe to be on lower side

I saw your other post. I am responding her.

We still don’t have your labs. Your starting out at 200 mg per week. Typical starting is 100 mg injected at 50 mg 2x a week.

Why starting so high?

Hi Charlie,
Thank you for replying. Im not sure why the 200 mg, just what the dr put me on. My total test level was 379

estrodial level was 14.3. Ill get other labs later when I get home, I just rememebr these off top of head .

Your doctor may have started you with 200mg based on your free test and SHBG levels and projected the anastrozole dose based on your labs. Just a guess.

There are several approaches to E2 management, ranging from no AI to 1mg per 100mg test, even more for some. Some advocate waiting to see how the patient responds prior to prescribing an AI. Some will look at you pre treatment labs, and with E2 already elevated and T low, go right to it.

For now, until you get follow-up labs, you can rely on how you are feeling to gauge estrogen levels. If .5mg isn’t working for you the next vial can be adjusted, or you could simply go with an oral AI, which would be preferred anyway.