Silver and Steel

You’ve already made the decision, so it’s not like you need further convincing, and I don’t know if this line of thinking gels with you, but I always dug the idea that this mirrors “the hunt”. You chase the kill in a fasted/semi-fasted state, secure the kill, and immediately feast on the kill. It makes sense from a biological perspective. We wouldn’t secure the kill and then walk away for a few hours.


Unless we’re cheetahs, and my speed does so resemble…

I do love the idea, though. I like the “be” kind of thoughts or even the “act as if” kind of thinking.

I used to take these little things so seriously. Then I started sliding into “well, this one thing doesn’t make the difference” and eventually nothing matters because everything doesn’t matter. We are what we repeatedly do, so excellence is a habit rather than an act and all that. I think it starts out well-intentioned, too, or at least with me. Ok, I don’t have time to eat right but I can still train. Ok I can’t manage the days off the way I like, but let’s get our sessions done. Eventually that becomes the norm rather than the work-around and stuff just slides.

I don’t know if that made sense, but I do always love when you drop in here - it gets my mind working. Sometimes I have to go back and think about something I already did vs. the other way around.

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I love the seamless transition from nihilism to Nicomachean Ethics you did here, haha. And thanks for the kind words! I get so much from you as well. It’s nice to be surrounded by people that “get it”

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But can a nihilist pursue eudaimonia?

For you to so quickly analyze my ramblings in philosophical schools is a really impressive feat.

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Hah! Outstanding. And once again, much appreciated, but you can imagine my poor wife and kiddo having to live with me.

“I don’t know if you realize it, but you just conveyed an existential argument when you”

“Oh for the love of God just tell me WHAT YOU WANT FOR DINNER!”


That’s absolutely hilarious!

Then she’s still setting you up to talk the whole dichotomy of hedonistic Christianity so it’s a whole thing.

I just make dad jokes. I was, to my delight, able to work this into a work email:
What do you call a Dwayne Johnson impersonator?
A Sham-Rock!



Actually, since the dawn of cooking, wouldn’t we?

Chase down the animal, kill it, carry it back home, butcher it, throw it on the fire, feast.

I also have no idea how long ago we started cooking food, so I’d have no idea how long our body would of had to evolve to that.

I also think this is me just being overly-analytical on a point in a very metaphorical discussion and in no way contributes to the protein timing discussion lol.


Cooking domesticated us, and I am but a simple barbarian.


Haven’t been checking in real well, and this will be a short one!

Everything is still on track with the V-diet. Absolutely easy. I think I’m coming around to @T3hPwnisher’s point that it’s not necessarily just a rapid fat loss diet (I could just go to 3 scoops per shake and a little bigger dinner and probably gain weight at this point), but it is extraordinarily convenient.

I coached some squatting and then some folks kinda wanted some direction impromptu yesterday that was kind of fun and put me on my toes. Then I hung out with my son and we went to saw Creed 3. Someone pulled a fire alarm or the kitchen had a fire or something, and they kicked us out of the theater with like 15-20 minutes left! Ah!

My daughter had her last cheer competition of the season today (thank God) and I just wrapped up another basketball game. I don’t remember the last workout I wrote down, but today I did a push day where I actually did bench first like a normal person… craziness!

I’m throwing this out there, because it pops in my head in a lot of these other threads: I don’t know that I’ve ever myself, seen, or trained with someone big or strong that consistently does more than 5-6 hard sets per bodypart per workout… and most often it’s closer to half that. I might do 20-odd sets, but those are to prep me for the 3-4 hard ones. Anyway, just a thought.


changed that for me. LOL


That’s likely much closer to the truth than “I do 15 sets to failure”

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It all depends on your definition or mileage in regards to

If I went by @T3hPwnisher definition I might have to re evaluate that back to 5-6 sets a lifetime. LOL


I don’t think I’ve seen anyone massive who trains more than 3 sets per bodypart per day to be honest. Most are 1-2 sets to failure.



I think it’s nearly impossible to convince people to just go all-out on ~5 total sets a week. I wouldn’t have understood.

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He certainly sets a higher bar, but it kind of proves the point!


Legs today! I did one hard set (per our conversation above).

I did a ton of circuits and cardio and whatnot today. It was good and in-line with what I was feeling.

I have developed some pretty gnarly plantar fasciitis, which I always avoided even when other dudes were getting it in the army. No me gusta, but it’s tolerable. It just takes me longer to get moving comfortably. Anyone ever try any shoes or inserts that help? It’s right in my arch, and it’s currently swollen enough it’s hitting the floor in stride with my heel and ball of my foot.

Another “rant” (is that what these are? I’m not really mad) stemming from some of these threads: we can look back on my log and see I really haven’t gotten much, if any, stronger in a couple years. There’s a lot of reasons for that:

  • I don’t stick with a program
  • I lift too frequently
  • I don’t eat consistently
  • I change focus frequently
  • I don’t accept large weight fluctuations
  • I change movements often
  • Etc.
    But there’s no mystery. I’m not a unique specimen that found a way to do everything right and not progress. I do it the way I do it because I want to, but I understand where the sacrifice is.

Anyway, just some nonsense.


Some Superfeet insoles have been helpful for my plants fasciitis. They make different models to address varying needs. A good running shoe store - or even a trip to REI or similar - should be very helpful.

There’s also the full-blown orthotics route. They’ll cost you a couple-few hundred dollars but, if Superfeet or similar aftermarket insoles don’t work, may be just what the podiatrist ordered.

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Awesome! I will give this a try - thank you, sir!

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You’re most welcome, my good fellow! Feet and insoles are so particularly shaped, it might take a couple-few tries to find the pair that best helps you but the pain relief and improved function will be worth it.

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