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Road to First Meet



BW: 72.9KG but i was at gym and had shoes on so prob about 71.5kg

Have trained a few times since i last posted but ill post this workout anyways.

Max effort lower body day, decided do do sumo block pulls from 2" plates (my blocks lol)

Build up to 130kg sumo blockpull, heaviest i have ever pulled sumo but dont pull sumo too often right now so happy with that.

I dropped to 80% of that which was 105kg and did a 3x3 with that weight, enjoyed this lift will do more in the future.

SLDL 65KG 3x8
Leg press 3x12 i think was 75kg, quad to chest
Leg curl 3x12 35kg
Standing cable crunch 3x12
Plank 30 secs on 15 secs off x6


And by the way, i didnt end up competing at that meet, i didnt have the money at the time for membership, singlet and all the gear but i think i will compete at some point.


Forgot to weigh myself
Max effort upper
Working on a pin press from the chest, building up to a 1rm
Bar x5
40kg x5
60kg x3

did 77.5kg, was slow but i had more
80kg, slow rep, was a bit annoyed because i got it all they way to lock out, but i had quite an inexperienced spotter and just because it was going a bit slow he took the weight right at the top, but litterally right at the top so i took the rep.

backed off to 62.5kg and did a 3x3

Build up to 1x5 @50kg which is a PR
Backed off to 30kg and did 2 AMRAP sets, 1st i got 15, second i got 10

Barbell row
3x10 @60kg

Did some pushdowns and cable curls aswell


I missed a workout or 2 but here we are.
BW: 71kg
DE Upper
9x3 @30kg + doubled mini bands (not sure how much it adds at all tbh)
Gonna be doing a wave of this just adding 5-10kg for a few weeks.

Was just gonna do 3x8 but decided to test as i failed a 60kg OHP and wanted to get it.
Got 60kgx1 and was a good rep, really happy with it.
Dropped off to 40kg and did 3x8

DB Flat bench 22kg dumbells 2x8 then 1x5

Chest supported rows 3x10 @47.5kg

Hammer preacher curls 3x8 @10kg

Plank 45 sec on 30 sec off x3


Im going to do a meet
I needed to put this somewhere just so i commit to it, last time i just didnt commit to it but this will make me have to do it, so im pretty sure its in september/november but its going to happen.
Might not post on here every workout but will do when i remember.

BW: Didnt weigh myself but ive been around 73kg average which is my biggest yet.

I missed a day of my program and had lots of days rest and will have another rest day after this so i kind of merged 2 days of my program and went ham.

8x3 at 80% (67.5kg)
I actually misread my program, it was actually supposed to be just 6x3 but there we go.

Deadlift (Conventional)
2x5 @80% (112.5kg)
These were very hard, especially the last set but got through them.

Mostly working on form at the moment, i watched some videos last night and applied some tips to my squat and feel a lot more comfortable with my form, slightly wider stance and am getting my knees out into a much stronger position now.
3x3@ 60kg
2x8 @50kg

I then did some back work and left the gym.


BW: Forgot to weigh but prob around 73kg

Was supposed to do more this day but was on a time limit and theres only 1 rack at my gym and was taken so i ended up just doig sumo deadlifts but not squats.

Built up to a 1rm sumop deadlift as i havent done it in ages.

110kgx1 fast
120kgx1 fast
130kgx1 medium, i think i had 5-10kg more in me which would match it with my conventional PR without even training it for about 3 months i think.


BW: 74.1kg
At this point i think im gonna just compete in the -83kg class but maybe some advice on wat to do because im no way near gonna fill out 83kg class in that time.

Yeah i missed a few workoutts like i said but here was todays

3x5@ 65kg
Good reps, feelin myself on bench and gonna go for PR’s soon at least on bench and deadlift.
Havent done it heavy in a while, did
45kgx5 was too heavy to do another set as i had limited time and had low rest time
42.5kgx5 still really slow reps so dropped it down again
40kgx5 and grinded the last rep lol

BB Rows, again limited time so just whacked on a plate and repped it a few times
3x10 60kg


BW: 72.9KG weighed in morning

This workout was great, bench feeling good, week 3 of program started today

Bench 5x3@70kg
Felt great, excited to test my bench
Moved on to the assistance stuff,
DB Incline 3x10 @18kg dumbbells Super set with
Cable rope face pulls 3x30@16kg

Feeling good loving training
Im learning to drive so hopefully i pass soon so i can change gym to either a powerlifting gym or just a gym that has more racks and equipment.


Compete at 83, don’t worry about filling it out. That’ll happen over time.


@MarkKO thanks i will take the advice
Im going to put 2 workouts in here as iu missed quite a few
Was supposed to squat but the rack was literllay taken the whole time i was there which is annoying (there is only 1 rack at my gym, i am planning on passing my driving test soon so i can move gym) so i decided to do some sumo deadlifts and thats when i realised i should pull sumo im comp xd

So i was doing some work at 110kg after warmup and was so easy so i whacked on 140kg which is my conventional 1RM and a 10kg pr for sumo and smoked it, way quicker off the ground then even 130kg of conventional and without properly training sumo in a while.

Did some accessorise stuff and moved on

I did the squats i missed yesterday today
5x3 @70kg
Felt better than expected, nowhere near where i wanna be though and atm on program im plugging 1rm @90kg because i knew i lost strength, although i feel its almost all back and my form is a lot better than before (still not perfect ofc)
OHP: 2x5 @40kg, feel like i lost a bit of strength on that since my 60kg 1RM but not bothered about that at all


I realised my day 1 and day 4 of my program typically are friday and then saturday so my bench days are right next to eachother so i swapped day 1 with day 2 now lol. This workout was the last of week 3

4x6-8 @62.5kg
got 7-6-7 reps

3x5 @42.5kg

Bench 5x3 @72.5kg
Incline db press 18kgs 3x12
cable face pulls 16kg 3x33


Missed a few workouts as per but here was yesterdays
Squat 5x3 @77.5kg
Pretty hard, squat form is proving but inconsistent, still working on it, happy that i hit this tbh as i thought i would be able to
Front squats 1x5 @50kg
Went for another set of 5 but my wrist hurt too much so had to rack at 3
then some other accessories, some leg curls and chinups


Squat 3x5 @65kg
Bench 3x5 @62.5kg
Deadlift (sumo) 1x5 @130kg


Didnt train for a while because of a trip
came back
had a shit day
got pissed at the gym
loaded up 150kg for a new 1rm
Pulled it once, pretty slow
mind isnt working properly so i just pull it again in the same set

Lol this is pretty much all i did but happy with that xd aiming for at least 180kg at the meet



Sumo DL
1x5 @132.5kg
I got a video of it, might not be perfect angle but appreciate any form criticism.

Squats 3x5 @70kg

Bench 3x5 @65kg



Squat 3x5 @72.5kg
(So excited my squats are finally feeling good, form is getting a lot more consistent)

OHP 3x5 @42.5kg , havent really trained OHP consistently, but now i am, this just flew up, the first 2 sets were like rpe 5 then the last one i rested like 30 secs before so like rpe 8

Pendlay rows 3x5@67.5kg also ridiculously easy, maybe i was just having a good day today



Squat 3x5 @75kg

Bench 3x5 @67.5kg

Sumo DL
My chalk is liquid chalk and it got all clogged up and could get it out, so i tried without, and got 2 reps, not sure if it was all grip though, maybe it just wasnt there today. I went back for it again but couldnt even break it off the ground.


I also just watched back the video i did of the sumo DL, where i failed 135x5 and first rep i wanted to try hook grip and i noticed i placed my right hand way further out than my left hand, and that made me notice it when i switch to alternate grip after, so i might have been doing this for a whilew who knows lol, ill try to fix when i next deadlift. Just weird how i didnt even notice, probably because i have been doing it for a while?


As its summer now and i have a lot of spare time, im going to be going to the gym 5-6x per week.
It will still be 3x a week training squat, deadlift, bench and OHP but the other 2-3 days will just be some bodybuilding stuff and some cardio.
I felt beaten up today, shoulder playing up again, not sure if its from benching or squatting but hopefully it will be better tommorow and it should be fine anyway, i dont have bench tommorow. Ill probably use a close grip when i do bench anyways just to be a bit safer.

So today i just did a bit of a back and biceps workout
Chin ups 3x6
Cable pullovers 3x12
Chest supported row 3x12 @45kg
Bicep SS- Barbell Curls + Dumbell preacher curls x3

Did some rowing for 10 mins, did about 2.2km


Shoulders getting better, hopefully by the next time im benching should be fine.
Today was deadlifts
3x60kg conventional
3x60kg Sumo


Top set
3+x125kg Got 5 reps, could have grinded 1 or 2 more but wasnt worth it, Ik i did 132.5kgx5 but i did 110kgx3 before which isnt hard, but still took a tiny bit out of me.

Did 2 singles at 135kg, Felt solid, both i could have got another rep.

SLDL 3x8 i just did 60kg with literally 10 sec rest as i had to go quickly, also was supposed to do pendlay rows but i had to go and i didnt really want to beat my back up too much more on this day tbh after the back workout 2 days ago.