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@isdatnutty - BB’ers don’t do more full body because a bodybuilding split is a more efficient way to build the physique bodybuilders want. As someone who’s done numerous full body programs, (Leroy Colbert, Dan John, etc.) and various types of bodybuilding splits, if you’re trying to look like a bodybuilder, you should train like one. Full body is exhausting, and IMO you don’t get enough time working on the muscle to do some serious damage, which incurs more serious growth.

If full body is the only thing that will work for your schedule, then it looks like you’re going to be doing full body. Of course full body programs work well for strength, and can certainly build a physique. But look at any competitive bodybuilder, natural or not, and 99% of them train in some variation of bodybuilding splits.

Just because something isn’t broken doesn’t mean you can’t do better. That’s the attitude of someone who is complacent and resists change, and complacency is the #1 enemy of success and improvement. Your current program “works” for you because you’ve been doing it a while, can execute it well, and are used to it. If you want to look like a bodybuilder, training (AND EATING!) like a bodybuilder will be a better way to get there.

That’s not why it’s hard for you, it’s because you don’t want to risk failing at something new or feeling uncomfortable. Look deep down and I guarantee that’s what you’ll find. I can say this confidently from experience, as someone who trained exclusively full body, hit a wall, then made new progress when switching. I thought full body was all that worked for my schedule also. However, a benefit of splits, you can be in and out of the gym in 45min to an hour, rather than a more time consuming full body program.

To be clear, you can still progress on a full body program, obviously. But I would imagine you potentially want to get more into bodybuilding because you want to achieve a certain look, and training and eating for that look must be the priority.

Doesn’t have to be a complicated program. I very strongly recommend this one as a foundation!

Read these two articles first:

It ain’t rocket science, it just takes the consistent execution of basic principles, over and over and over again. You might not look very different in 4-8 weeks. Give it a year of consistent, smart training and developing a great MMC, eat for your goals, and I guarantee you’ll have a physique you never knew you could have.