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HustlingHat93's Road to 123lb and Weak to Strong

Read that on your log and it was the best way to describe it :sweat_smile: :joy:

I honestly think if it was not for that breath I could have gotten a few more reps

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Lower body day
SSB Squats: 4x10 + 1x11 with 95kg/209lbs

Sumo Deads: 4x10 +1x11 with 105kg/231lbs

SSB Alternating Lunges: 4x6 each leg with 55kg/121lbs
RDL: 3x5 with 85kg/187lbs

And that’s all. Was pressed for time and the hip thrust set up was in use. May go back later if I have time and do extra work


Do you have any periodization to how long you’ll be running tens?

Nothing set in stone time wise. The plan was until end of January-2nd week of Feb depending when I start stalling and being unable to complete all 5 sets.

With me currently nearing the 75% mark on all lifts (slightly above on some lifts and slightly lower on others) I should in theory be stalling once I get closer to the 80% mark and un able to complete the later sets.

Light Boxing workout + Bench sets

So decided to get into the gym to do my 5x8 bench sets today and also hit the bag and test out if my AC joint gives me issues hitting things at high velocity

Bench: 5x8 with 60kg/132lbs + 1x18 with 45kg/99lbs
Inc bench: 1x20 with 30kg/66lbs, 2x8 with 40kg/88lbs and 1x5 with 55kg/110lbs

4x3 minute rounds on the bag (45 seconds rest)
1x3minute punching conditioning drill consisting of: 30 seconds fast straight shots/ 30 seconds hard shots x 3


And did it? You don’t say, and enquiring minds want to know! :grin: