High T, FSH, SHBG, Low E2 No Libido. My Lab Results (pellets)

I’ve never felt that I talk to myself as much as this thread. :slight_smile:

The blood tests I ran on 11-9-17 were with me taking only my main vitamin; no supplements at all. Immediately after the blood tests, I began taking all the supplements (boron, stinging nettle, zinc+, d+, etc) again.

On 1-4-18, I ran a new set of labs primarily because I wanted to see if the supplements were doing anything productive.


Testosterone 778 ng/dl (Ref: 193-740 ng/dL for males over 50)
Free Testosterone 8.43 ng/dL (Ref: 4.70 - 13.63 ng/dL for males over 50)
Free testosterone percent: 1.1% (REF: 1.23 - 2.59)
Bioavailable Testosterone 219 ng/dL (Ref: 103.46 - 317 dn/dL for males over 50)
Biovailable T percent: 28.2%
Albumin 4.79 g/dL (Ref: 3.40-4.80)
SHBG 86.21 nmol/L HIGH (Ref: 20.6-76.7 nmol/L for males over 50)

Two interesting points:

  1. Starting the boron and stinging nettle again reduced SHBG. It is still high, but it is a considerable drop from 11-9-17.
  2. My testosterone dropped to the lowest number in 10 years; confirming what the doctors have said … that my system is overloaded trying to produce enough T for the SHBG; and that as I am getting older, my system is having problems creating enough T.

I also ran a few other tests just to update my records

Serum Iron 114 ug/dl (Ref 59-158)
Ferritin 184.70 ng/ml (Ref 30-400)
HbA1C 4.9% (Ref <5.7)
PSA 0.762 ng/mL (Ref <4.00)
FREE PSA: 26.25% (indicating a very low risk of finding prostate cancer)
IGF-1 165ng/ml (Ref: 36-200)

The changes shown are for me to better understand what is going on. They don’t provide any changes in how I feel. There is still a long road ahead. :frowning:

So it is time to find a doctor for TRT.