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Bench Strength Tips

I have had tremendous success with Pavels routine. Instead of the 5 reps he advocates, I stick with a 3 rep goal. 2 sets, varying the weight up three workouts, on the fourth, between the weight used on the 1st and second. Hasn’t failed me yet. Been three months. At least 3x per week. If and when it fails, I will do the same with a 5 rep protocol.

Jay…I’ve seen Pavel recommend 3 sets if using 3 reps, of cours use 2 sets if using 5 reps. Yeah, I think Pavel has it dead on.

you guys just dont get it! pavel baggs about rubbing elbows with a russian powerlifting team that isnt fit to lift on the same rack as the us team when cyclops gets through w’ll see if he coaches any of those guys and how many russians beat americans. his techniques arent too far off with low rep schemes but you need more rest period. i also think ketteballs are a good plan but theyd never be the center of my workout and i still think hes an arrogant pencil neck russian who thinks hes got to patronize people to sound smart and back his functional and i might add self contradicting

I haven’t seen alterations to his basic methodology, but I don’t doubt you. I do a vertical press and pull and a horizontal press and pull though. deadlift I do sometimes do another set if I have a lot of juice left in the tank, I will also do a rep more if I feel I can get it and not approach fatigue. My gains have been fantastic though, can’t beat them. 1/2 hour to 40 minutes in and out.

Self contradicting? Arrogant? I’m not sure where you get that from. Man, the Ruskies know more about strenght science than any of our “experts.” I remember some posts about Adam Archulletta. His trainer Jay Schroeder is HEAVILY influenced by the Russian Methodology; not training to fatigue, using low reps more sets, either train very heavy or lighter in a ballistic fashion, High freguency on the Big lifts. Yeah, the russians don’t know anything, Louie Simmons is god! Oh, wait…Didn’t he admit that his program is heavily influenced by Russian strength training:-)

Grant…He has never suggested a powerlifter make kettleballs the center of their routine. Have you actually really read any of his stuff? He is a big proponent of them, but I’ve read quite of bit of his posts on his forum and I’ve any such thing. Oh yeah, that Jay Schroeder Guy has been training Charles Staley.

Assuming your chest, shoulder and triceps are strong enough. Stretch really well before and after a workout. That extra blood will help you muscles deliver a bigger bang. Also wrist strength helps a lot. Try dumbbell hangs or chinning bar bar hanges. If you don’t need to concentrate on stablizing the weight, you can use more strength on the lift. Also make sure your body is stiff and erect. Core stability is esssential for being stronger in all big lifts; I’ll be damned if I say this, but the swiss ball is awesome for more core strength. Your shoulder rotator cuffs also need to be in good shape. A slight arch in back gives you more leverage and feet planted firmly on the ground help to stabilize. Also inflate your chest and keep it inflated throughout the lift (it’s tricky, but if you expand it more when the bar touches your chest, you’ll get a little more momentum on the way up); breath into your gut. Try this stuff. I can’t bench 3 plate yet but it helps me get maybe 10-15 lbs more up.

ok so i can argue who trained who all day or whos better at powerlifting. but i wont! im tired of this if your school of thought is for a guy whos trained maybe one great benchpresser
and mine is for multiple 700+ lifters thats fine just have your way and stay away from roids