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Begin...The Rest is Easy

Warning: phone was right next to my speaker, probably don’t want sound up for this


Awesome job with the deadlifts heretolog!

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Thanks! Deadlifts are my nemesis but finally seem to be in a good spot, weight should start moving soon.


That set looked easy dude, definitely had more reps in the tank. Btw what’s that song called that’s playing in the background


Yep, those definitely looked easy for you

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I enjoy this band, not my favorite but a pretty regular listen, plus they’re coming to my small city and are releasing a new album soon so I’ve been listening a lot.

Thanks, they felt hard. I’ve done very very few sets of deads at or above 10 reps, definitely need to build some high rep confidence but I agree there is definitely more there


10 min core class totally kicked my ass then did 80 pushups. shoulders, wrists and elbows are all sore, probably going to scale back. Tomorrow will just be conditioning and maybe yoga


Pushups 1x30
15 min lower yoga
30 min “hip hop” bike @ 150 watts

Best effort on the bike, in terms of output, didn’t get as much walking today because it topped out at like 12 degrees but not a bad off/conditioning day.


Got in quite a bit earlier than normal (dog is at daycare :prayer_hands: and have afternoon meetings), was having some serious brain and body fog. Couldn’t get going, I’m not normally a morning person but this was exceptionally sluggish, naturally the gym helped.

25 min warmup walk (fog lifted after 20)
Shoulder warmup
Pullups: NG 1x6, Pronated: 1x4
OHP: bar x 10, 95 x 10, 135 x 5, 145 x 8, 155 x 8, 165 x 8, 175 x 8
Prowler (between ohp sets, about 100 feet each set): 180 x 1, 225 x 4
Hang cleans: 135 3x10
2 giant sets of:
cable front raise: 20 x 10
cable lateral raise: 20 x 10
facepulls: 60 x 15

Brain fog lifted, feeling a lot better now but it doesn’t necessarily take away from my physical fatigue. My delts, especially rear, were pretty dead going into this and didn’t have as much to give as normal. 145 x 8 was tough, the rest were pretty miserable, 175 wasn’t planned as an AMRAP but nearly was, anyway. Turned out to be a pretty solid workout in the end. Will see how I feel tomorrow, if I’m this fatigued I’ll probably just do some easy conditioning and push squats to Friday. Also, my core is feeling it from that class 2 days ago, it’s not unbearable but I feel it in a lot of movements, I’ll probably do an easier one tonight and rotate that one back in after that.

Edit: The gym had my missing wrist wrap!

60 pushups, 10 min easy core. Ate a lot of both bad and good stuff today, have a lot of good food for tomorrow though


Super tired again today, got almost 10k steps and am doing nothing else. Sleep has been a bit off but not super noteworthy, predicting I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Got some sun today, which is always nice mid-winter


Hard time motivating this morning, ate chicken, sweet potatoes and beans with some salsa and sour cream for breakfast. My stomach wasn’t a fan. Definitely still extra lethargic but feel better than yesterday.

No walking warmup, probably should’ve
Shoulder warmup, goblet squats
Pull-ups: P x 3, N x 5, S x 5
Duffalo squats: bar x 10, 105 2x5, 145 x 5, 195 x 5, 235 2x3, 265 x 8, 285 x 8, 305 x 8, 335 x 8 (has to be a PR)
Belt squats: 70 x 10, 160 2 x 10, 210 x 10 (death)
Reverse hack squat, idk: 180 x 10, 270 3x10

Pretty simple, pretty tough, took a long time to get my head in the game but performed pretty well. Rep 7 (I think) on the last set of squats felt a little off in my lower back but otherwise everything else felt great (but also terrible).

Will get back to pushups and yoga tonight.


75 pushups last night
Ate stupidly again before lifting and my stomach was pretty off but got in and it felt better.

20 min “beginnner” Peloton ~130 watts (low/medium effort)
Axle Bench: 120 x 10, 5, 210 x 5, 240 x 8 (wait, what week is it), 255 x 6, 285 x 6, 320 x 6, 230 x 20 (PR)
Rope pulldowns: 35 2 x 20
Band tri overheads/pulldowns: 2x10
Band Chest flies: 2 x 10
Band lat pulldowns: 2 x 15

Really cold today (topped out around 7) so not a ton of activity, at 5k steps currently but not likely to get too many more. Peloton was rough, legs definitely feeling yesterday’s lifting.
Right pec/shoulder were a bit sore for most of the workout but worked it out, will likely only do 1 set of pushups tonight and some stretching. Bench is about as strong as it’s ever been, 320 x 6 is the most reps i’ve hit at or above 315 but I’ve hit 335 x 5 before so I don’t consider it a PR. I did a slight pause on the last rep or I had 2-3 more in me, it wasn’t going to be an AMRAP, in any case. Previously hit 225 x 20 on a barbell but did that without doing main work beforehand, so my rep strength is definitely at an all time high, probably had 1-2 more here if I wanted them/could endure the pain. Video of the 320 set in a minute.


Awesome benching dude

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That’s a monstrous bench dude, I’m jealous.

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Thanks guys, I’m going to put up a heavy double or triple next week (for all my lifts), would be cool to hit 350 for 3, might be in the cards. 400 feeling not impossibly far, at the moment


30 pushups, 10 min lower stretching last night

Conditioning day

3ish mile trek through the snowy woods, not too tough of terrain, started in the teens ended in the low 20s, much nicer than yesterday.

7 min walk

3 rounds:
prowler 225 x 300 feet
5 NG chins
calf raises 90 x 20
30-60 seconds rest

2 min rest

Grace: 3:59

2 min rest

2 rounds:
prowler 225 x 300 feet
3 NG chins
calf raises 90 x 20

Best conditioning day in a long time, HR was through the roof. Went to the store immediately after, in shorts, a jacket and sweat. Got a lot of weird looks and one comment lol. Grace was bruta, had the timer in front of me which made me finish under 4, probably would’ve been a few seconds faster if I wasn’t trembling trying to touch the stop button. Deadlifts for 3x6 and a few lower rep technique sets