Against AIs, But Willing to Try

So we’re about the same

Do it. The shit about “letting estrogen run wildly free” or “more estrogen = more libido” is pure NONSENSE and promoted by complete idiots like @dbossa who seriously believe this fucking bullshit.

Get your estrogen into a good range FOR YOU and your libido will be great.


Just curious @equel - why do you say these things about people who say estrogen is good for libido and erections? What basis do you have?


He hasn’t been able to have sex for years due to erectile dysfunction. I wouldn’t take his advice on this matter unless you want to lose every relationship you’ll ever be in as he has admitted to me and to the guys on this forum. I would not be promoting information that I know to be false for literally no end gain whatsoever. He lives in the land of conspiracy theories because he is incapable of sticking with any one protocol for longer than a week.

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I also agree letting e2 run rampant while constantly upping dose doesn’t work for some.

I think some need higher spikes of ft to feel the trt but with that comes higher e2 and maybe in the wrong proportion to ft.

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  1. Oh, false. 2.2 years erectile dysfunction, which seems to be because of free e2 issues. You told me to INCREASE my dosages, which fucked things up even more. Now with very low doses of testosterone things are starting to work much better, how weird eh dannyboy? :wink:

  2. Than a week? Oh my little friend, I tried your shitty protocol for weeks and weeks with HORRIBLE results, just as many others have done, one who is also visting this very forum very frequently. You know, its difficult when you just cannot ban people who argue agains you eh? There are TONS of people who YOU have banned from Stevens group JUST because they question you and your weird ass bro-science-theories, youre not even a damn doc yet you continue to talk shit about other ones, Keith Nichols got so tired of you he threatened to kick your ass, Dr Rand Mclain dont even wanna talk to you no more so he blocked your ass. Youre a big fucking joke in this whole community and you better be nice or Ill make sure to bring you and your shitty rumour down even further, It gives me great pleasure to bring down clowns like you actually, so please keep pushing and Ill bring the big fucking guns. LETS GO, you seem to like arguments so lets step it up a notch no?

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Yep, there are many many people who gets bad results doing that shit, Its time to realise people are different and you cannot just “up the dose up the dose!!” til u reach steroid-levels of testosterone so u “feel good”. Lol I feel great on 750mg a week, is that sustainable for TRT? NO, ofcourse not.

Some people are just made to have 4-500ng/dl of testosterone, often cause of strong androgen receptors and/or low shbg, telling these people to up the dose to 2000ng/dl is redicilous and might cause all kinds of problems.



You guys aren’t going to drag this forum down by leaking in whatever drama is going on elsewhere.

If anyone has a counterpoint to advice any member is offering, address the topic and content. Bringing off-site personal history into forum discussions doesn’t help anything and just makes you look unhinged.

If you guys want to have a little she said-she said argument, have it off of the forum. Don’t hijack this, or other, threads.

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@equel - I generally agree with what your saying. We are all different and blanket statements don’t work for everyone.

I think what’s not being accounted for in all this communication is “what happens if my symptoms aren’t fixed with an increase and I feel worse?”

I recall watching a video (one of Danny’s actually) where Dr Nichols talks about this. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like - “if testosterone deficiency is really the person’s true problem, increasing dose and waiting a proper amount of time for that dose to have it’s effects should be the proper course if treatment and fix the person’s issues. After time and dose increases, if symptoms aren’t resolved, then it’s not likely testosterone deficiency that is the person main issue.”

I wonder how many people who’s issue isn’t testosterone, turn to testosterone to fix their problem to only have more issues caused by the downstream effect of the exogenous testosterone they never needed in the first place.

I don’t know, the body is a mystery and this is a long journey for some… But getting all worked up, calling people names and threatening to fight on an internet forum is juvenile and is uncalled for by anyone.

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Alright, thanks. Well, Ima make sure to counter all the bro-science stuff that comes out of dannys mouth from now on cause that guy is spreading nonsense all over this community.

Yes, Ive heard him say that, and I dont agree.

I had libido and erections on 260ng/, natty. Ive done testosterone cycles up to 750mg a week, NO libido and shitty erections.

Higher testosterone is not always the correct way to go about this, some people need testosterone in the 300-500 range to feel good and have good libido.


@bcostigan41 absolutely. If you’ve raised it sufficiently and you are not improving, testosterone isn’t your problem. Perhaps it’s thyroid, food intolerances, environmental, vitamin/mineral deficiencies etc. I’ve also said this in the videos where, again, I’m repeating what the docs are saying.

Here’s the thing that really, really makes me giggle about you guys sometimes:

You make it sound like I just invented all this stuff on a whim. I’m simply repeating what the doctors who have been on the channel say that they do in their own practice. There have been a ton of them. They all say the exact same thing. Why don’t you yell at them instead? I’m just talking about what they say and repeat it in easy to understand terms. These strategies work for literally everyone else except for @equel for some strange reason. Why would I repeat things that doctors say that have not been demonstrated to work? I’ve got at least 1000 emails from people at this point saying it helped them tremendously.

Don’t yell at me. Go yell at those docs. I’ve got several more coming on and, guess what? They use the same approach in their practice as well. Are they all stupid? We even had Dr Mark Gordon on just recently and, guess what, he doesn’t block estrogen either. Call him up and tell him that you disagree, by all means.

@Equel, you gotta admit, you sound emotionally unstable to say the least. Whatever you’re doing, it isn’t working. There is no room for you in our FB group nor on the channel.

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I can say, with absolute honesty, I don’t have a single guy that I’ve helped out with this, one on one, for free, that wasn’t able to get off the AI and feel better. Not one. If this was a 50/50 type of deal, I would not be saying this. He’s been the only one to date.

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what’s your current protocol?

Please let me know who I’m forgetting.

I thought you were saying Amen there for a minute, haha


I tried the 30mg/daily and it made things worse.

I’ve felt better on 60mg/E3D, which I’m currently on. After bloods on this protocol, I may drop dose and get things lower.

My belief is that low shbg is a funny thing. With it causes high FREE E2, which can cause all kinda symptoms. At least for me.

Dont want to get into a dragged out E2 debate, but I believe TRT isn’t black and white/one size fits all. Just up your dose doesn’t work for all. There needs to be SOME special tailoring to the outliers.

Danny, I think you’re doing a great thing and you’re passionate about it. That said, it’s not all black and white.

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I never said it was. A good friend of mine gets startling high levels with just 140mg a week.

When I talk about people “I have worked with” it was one on one through FB messenger or Whatsapp or email or phone. I know I gave you a few tips here and there but we have never really gone into any depth.

In regards to SHBG, mine sits at anywhere between 18-20 (which is fairly low) yet for some reason I need a very high dose just to have a reasonable free T level. I have spoken to several others like that as well. Having testosterone bind to SHBG is just one part of a very big equation. None of the doctors that I’ve had on the channel put any real emphasis on SHBG.