Advice on Getting Lean/Dropping 10 lbs?

If you’ve always eaten the way you currently are and the only recent change is a reduction in NEPA, then finding ways to sneak in extra daily activity should help to balance you out. If it’s 50 burpees a day, daily squats and push-ups, daily thorough mobility session, whatever it takes to move around more.

You don’t necessarily “have to” count calories, but it’d definitely help get a better handle on what you’re eating and might be an eye-opener. If you want to go super simple, the most no-brainer way to improve fat loss nutrition is, like Kd was saying, shave down the carbs.

Looking at your sample plan, it’d mean less than a bowlful of oatmeal at breakfast; just tuna salad, not a tuna sandwich; less random-carb at dinner; no freaking peanut butter sandwiches to snack on; etc.

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