60Gunner's Old Man Training Log

@Andrewgen_Receptors, to be totally honest, I love it. Love the feeling, gains, look ect. I definitely get what your saying 100%, but just want a little “more”. From what I’ve researched ect this is the “safest” way as far as AAS goes. Meaning just adding a “little” more Test. Sounds stupid using safest and AAS in the same sentence…but will definitely be doing labs for sure. Won’t beat beat around the bush, just wanting to try it, always have and I now have a chance too…does that make sense? Maybe somewhat haphazard but I will say, the others Tren, Dbol ect scare the shit out of me.

Its the safest way to do something dumb for sure lol. Standard questions everyone here asks are:

  • how long have you been training for?
  • what exactly did you eat for the last 3 days?
  • what are your lift PR’s (meaning compound lifts, squats/deads/bench or overhead press)

These questions are usually asked because:

  • it takes a long time to understand how your body best responds to training
  • knowing what your body needs regarding nutrition is important to maximise your cycle
  • if you’re not doing a few heavy compounds, you’re leaving gains on the table

For perspective, would you laugh at a teenager jumping into an AAS cycle after a few months at the gym?
I’m not going to talk you out of it if you’ve made up your mind, i just dont think its the smartest decision to make, AAS results are quite addictive for most. You can still make these gains with your current protocol.

Either way, I’ll still be following along - just advocating for safety

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I would not do this. It was my personal experience that everything I got with 400mg, I was already getting with 200mg. All I did was give myself some sides. There was no dramatic increase in strength or difference in look for me.

Don’t take my word for it. You have to experiment for yourself.

I too thought more/double my prescribed dose would be better. Double the effect. That was not my experience. I was disappointed and underwhelmed.

Unpopular opinion incoming. If I got my first time all over again, I would have taken 750mg for 16 weeks.


@Andrewgen_Receptors, @throwawayfitness, this is exactly why I like this site. Yes, as anywhere you’ll have some turds, but you two are an example of quality dudes, and I appreciate it. I’ve been lifting for years off and on, depending on deployments, work and surgeries. My food intake so far has been relatively on point. Losing fat, gaining muscle and weight has stayed about the same. This time however I have finally figured out how to manipulate my body comp with food intake, hence the gains and fat loss, weight same while training hard. It’s taken me literally a lifetime to figure it out, but now I got it. Listening to my body alot more and knowing what it needs. I will say, in the next week or 2, I’m going to tighten the diet up more, ie., more steady and timed feeds, weighing my protiens better and cutting out all processed foods for a 30 day period. I think it will be fun to see what happens.
Would I scoff at a high schooler wanting to use AAS right off the bat, yes. They are still growing, most have great T as we all once did and the biggie, young and it will shut off their nuts, possibly forever, or maybe make them infertile. The sides are also a factor especially in young boys since they mature at a slower rate then girls especially mentally. That could be disastrous. Will finish response tomorrow, I’m beat guys took the day off and just chilled, did a few things with the wife and ready for bed. This is a good conversation, will pick it up tomorrow…

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@throwawayfitness, @Andrewgen_Receptors, hitting the iron today. I’ve taken everything to heart fro you guys, but I’ve gotta try it. @throwawayfitness, man no worries on unpopular opinion, thats what makes for GREAT conversation! Nowadays, in other circles or those with thin skin would take offense with anything you disagree with them. I run into everyday. But they fail to realize as with you two whi bring a wealth of information to the table and experience, that unpopular opinion usually has merit behind it. I clearly see it. You two have done it, lived it ect and passing your experience on to me. But I gotta try it, and please don’t ever feel you need to hold back when us 3 are talking. Like I stated before, great conversations!
Anyway, the sides I’m aware of. I have talked to dome guys here I’m friends with and one thing I have noticed, in some ways I’m different. I had the sensitive, painful and itchy nips for years. Never knew why. Told the Urologist about it, did the blood work and my E was pretty high, Test in the tank. Since the injections, shit it’s all gone, don’t notice it at all. Maybe I’m thinking like a basement chemist, but some of my reasoning is a little more possibly not produce as many sides, considering how low I was. I know that sounds pretty stupid. However, let’s see what happens. @throwawayfitness, I’m going to keep the weight increases under control after what you went through with blowing the bicep out. Damn…so, time to hit the iron pile…


Just play it safe man, more =/= better.

Get your bloods done, dont deviate from your plan, and you probably want to have a few items at your disposal to manage sides if any pop up. This thread is a good resource for this ( Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning ), but posting in the #pharma section of problems occur would help with your results specifically.

Dont forget your before and after pictures! I recommend doing weight and measurements too so you have tangible progress achievements (works better than “i look a lot better”).

Im actually entirely inexperienced with AAS, and the only thing I’ve ever taken was Rad140 and YK-11, the latter of which did nothing. Ive been studying and learning from the gents here as to the best way to use AAS - i intend to go on cycle in a couple years, but i want to make sure I’ve reached my genetic potential (and finished my degree!) before doing so.

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you’re going to have fun. enjoy the ride.


@throwawayfitness, @Andrewgen_Receptors, hell yeah, let’s do this! I’m excited, and definitely gives me a hobby instead of work, work and more work on the weekends. That’s really all I’ve ever done. And guys, I really do appreciate the info and concern, not many out there like you guys. I will post some pics up soon. @throwawayfitness, read a post awhile back from your log and you said you wanted your kids to say that’s my dad, and to be the best choice for your wife. Ditto, not only am I doing this for me, my wife and daughter as well. Those 2 are my everything in this world. My parents have both passed and after God, it’s those 2. All we have in this world right? Now along the way I’ve met either in person or like y’all in a fourm and you want to keep these people close as well. @Andrewgen_Receptors


Mar 6, 2022

Leg press - 8@450lbs, 8@560lbs, 8@650lbs, 8@660lbs

Standing calf raise - 10@110, 10@110, 10@110

Seated calf raise - 15@90, 10@140, 10@140, 10@140

Deads - 6@135, 6@225, 6@315, 6@315

Front raise - 8@30, 8@30, 8@30, 5@35

Lateral raise - 8@15, 8@20, 6@25, 7@25

Cybex shoulder machine - 13@40, 10@80, 10@90, 8@100, 8@100

Held each last rep on calves for 30sec. Damn, big difference. Started journey this morning…


Mar 7, 2022

Cable row - 10@80lbs, 8@185lbs, 8@190lbs, 8@190lbs

T-bar row - 8@90, 8@135, 8@150, 8@150

DB row - 10@100, 10@100, 10@100, 10@100

Hammer curl - 8@30, 8@35, 8@35

Curl bar preacher - 10@30, 10@50, 7@60, 8@60, 7@60

Cybex bicep machine - 8@50, 8@75, 8@80, 8@80

●Going to start lowering weight and more reps, 15-20 range, then once achived for a few sets, then add weight…

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Mar 8, 2022

Bent bar pushdown - 20@70lbs, 13@80lbs, 12@90lbs, 11@90lbs

Rope pulldown - 10@50, 12@40, 13@40, 12@40, 12@40

DB kickback - 18@25, 18@25, 16@25, 14@25

Cybex incline press - 20@90, 14@90, 15@90, 15@90

Flat bench - 45@20, 95@15, 95@15, 95@15

Incline bench - 20@45, 20@65, 20@75, 15@75

Incline DB press - 17@30, 16@30, 20@30, 14@30

Great workout today…


Mar 9, 2022

Leg press - 20@360lbs, 20@360lbs, 20@360lbs, 20@360lbs

Standing calf raise - 20@100, 20@100

Seated calf raise - 20@90, 20@100, 20@100, 20@100

Calf work on Leg press - 20@360, 20@360

Front raise - 15@25, 13@25, 15@20, 16@20

Lateral raise - 16@20, 13@20, 11@20, 13@20

DB shrugs - 20@80, 20@80, 20@80

Cybex shoulder machine - 20@50, 20@50, 20@50

●PM - went with wife:

Front raise - 15@20, 15@20, 15@20

Leg extension - 20@70, 20@70, 20@70

Leg curl - 20@70, 20@70, 20@70

●I thought it was a decent workout, somewhat muddeled through it. I have to get in head, lower weight more reps is good…


Mar 11, 2022

Cable row - 20@100lbs, 16@140lbs, 11@140lbs, 12@130lbs

T-bar row - 16@90, 16@90, 17@90, 17@90, 16@90

DB row - 16@70, 16@70, 17@70, 14@70

Hammer curl - 17@20, 17@20, 13@20, 12@20

Preacher bar curl - 15@30, 18@40, 16@40, 13@40

Cybex bicep machine - 15@40, 13@40, 13@40

Concentration curl - 12@15, 8@15, 10@15

Good workout, good pump, felt good. Taking Saturday and Sunday off for some much needed recovery.


Mar 14, 2022

Bent bar pushdown - 20@70lbs, 17@90lbs, 15@90lbs, 12@90lbs

Rope pulldown - 11@50, 12@40, 16@40, 15@40, 15@40

DB kickback - 15@30, 15@30, 15@30, 15@30

Nautilus incline press - 15@90, 9@180, 15@100, 13@100

Epic fly machine - 15@80, 15@110, 15@100

Inclune DB press - 15@30, 15@35, 13@40, 13@40


Mar 18, 2022

Bent bar pushdown - 12@70lbs, 10@110lbs, 10@120lbs, 9@120lbs, 11@80lbs

Rope pulldown - 10@40, 9@70, 12@50, 9@50, 8@50

DB kickback - 12@35, 12@35, 12@35, 12@35

Cybex incline press - 12@90, 9@180, 8@180, 5@180

Incline DB press - 10@30, 10@40, 10@45, 10@45

DB fly - 10@20, 10@25, 10@25

●On the DB flys, I really go past chest on the down to get a great stretch and hooe it will also tighten whole chest and help with more width. Great work out.
●Had taken last Saturday & Sunday off for rest, didn’t know I was getting sick. Did Monday, muddled through it, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday took off, felt like hammered shit. Good to go now. Going back to lifting heavy, seems to work better for me. Have upped reps though instead of stopping at 6 - 8. Feels better to me. The Test-C is really helping with recovery and hardness of the muscles. Haven’t noticed any sides as of yet. Feeling great! Hope you guys are doing well.


Just be careful here. This can be done with relative safety, just know that specifically right here is the place of highest likelihood to get injured.

For example: No one ever tore a fully flexed bicep. But having the arm fully straightened during heavy deadlifts (high tension at full stretch) yields the highest risk of tearing a bicep. Same scenario goes for bench press - its always under a stretch.

I almost tore a pec about 2 years ago; i heard it popping after doing extended eccentrics (long negatives) and almost took myself out because of it. Took me about 8 months to get back to feeling comfortable benching again, and i still don’t do flat bench because of it.

Like i said, it can be done with relative safety, just pay attention to your body. I wasn’t when i got my injury.

Good work on the training man, happy to see you’re still kicking ass

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Good call @Andrewgen_Receptors, never thought about a major injury like that, going past parallel. I can see how someone canbreally fuck themselves up doing that. Think I’ll go very light to get the good stretch, then up weight and not go anywhere deep as I have been. Evidently I’ve been very lucky. Appreciate the good looking out!

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Mar 19, 2022

Seated cable row - 10@60lbs, 10@180lbs, 10@180lbs, 9@180lbs

T-bar row - 14@90, 12@135, 12@135, 10@135

DB row - 12@90, 10@100, 10@100, 10@100

Preacher bar curl - 8@40, 12@50, 7@60, 7@60

Cybex bicep machine - 13@50, 14@50

Concentration curl - 12@20, 12@25, 7@25, 8@25

Hammer curl - 8@35, 8@25, 8@25

Good lifts today, felt “normal” to me to go back heavy, just not stopping at 6 - 8 reps. Going as much as I can. Seems this method works the best for me. Not only physically but mentally as well…
Sometimes the mental game is way harder then physical one…


I remember @throwawayfitness telling about how he tore his bicep, and you almost a pec. Fuck, can’t imagine.


Mar 21, 2022

Leg press - 10@450lbs, 10@540lbs, 10@650lbs, 7@650lbs

Seated calf raise - 27@100, 20@110, 20@110, 20@110

Side raises - 15@15, 15@15, 12@15

Front raise - 12@20, 7@30, 7@30, 10@20

Cybex shoulder machine - 10@50, 15@70, 16@90, 12@90

Cybex rear delt machine - 15@110, 12@110, 10@110

●Took it easy on shoulders, worked all weeked and only got about 3hrs of sleep. Shit. Got a good burn on them, but body aches, could be from the cold “snap”…