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Get Aesthetic or Die Mirin

i still can't believe he's gone.




He never found mirin.

You mirin?


Gods cry too...




Great motivation (albeit different than the norm) for my morning workout. Time to lift.




It's a sad thing that this guy died. But all these tribute videos and people whom seem obsessed with the guy are just plain creepy. It's like a cult or something.


Thank you Nards. Words can't express my who-the-fuck-cares-quotient on this.




Who the fuck is this?


I mean, WTF??!! I can give credit where credit is due, OK the guy was ripped. Thats about it. Was he some kind of great humanitarian or something?? Did he have great accomplishments?? Or is every one obsessed with him because he had abs?? I know nothing of this guy and had never heard of him before he died, now he's all over the place.

I'll admit, the guy is in great shape, but there is nothing extraordinary about his physique that merits all this praise. He has the body of any male fitness model and really not even as good as most male fitness models. If I'm missing something here tell me. Or is everyone just that starved for heros???


Nope...it sounds like you got it about right.


He was an Internet legend because he started off as a dorky scrawny kid and then got in great shape, gained a shit ton of self confidence and lived a rock star life while hooking up with hundreds (presumably) of hot women. Can you see how young Internet kids would idolize this guy?

He was also famous for being a troll in real life. He took "trolling" to a whole new level and people ate it up.

That's why he was famous. I only heard about him once (the Zyzz protein thread here in GAL) before he died though.



Sad that he died and some say that he was a nice guy, but the dick riding is getting old... REALLY old.


A friend of mine was in tears when he found out this dude died.

Tears....for days...didn't leave his room...only watched youtube and cried

He didn't do that when his dad passed


Can we let this kid die already?


It's shocking how obsessed with this guy some people seem. There's even a rate my physique thread that has turned into a zyzzz argument/nuthug as well.


he was an inspiration in a way that had less to do with his physical transformation and more to do with his i don't give a phuck mentality.

at a time when young men are increasingly beta foreveralones, zyzz persuaded people to take life, girls, etc. a little less seriously.

maybe it's a generational thing.

about his physique: mass monster? no. he never aspired to be jay cutler and his "competitions" were festivals and raves; however, his ab genetics were godly and his overall symmetry was impeccable.


It must be a generational thing. And if this is what the younger generation considers an inspiration that is scary. Don't give a fuck about anything, use women to boost self esteem, become a "god" at raves.............not to speak ill of the dead or anything, but he pretty much sounds like a douche to me. THis guy gets called a god yet our soldiers, cops, firefighters and teachers get shit on left and right. I think people really need to re-evaluate what qualifies as inspiring. I'm sure their are young girls out there that find Snooky inspiring also. Sad.


Yet people take him extremely seriously. "Zyzz" was a public persona. The guy behind him was a savvy businessman who came up with a product he could market to the masses - a "real life troll". The product just happened to be him. He is no more "Zyzz" than Sasha Baron Cohen is Borat or Ali G.

You are mourning the death of the character, not the person who died. Wake up people.