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Zyzz 'Protein of the Gods'


This is a joke right? Does he expect people to pay $36 for 1 KG of protein? (BTW,thats 2 lbs)
The fact that Zyzz has become something of a meme of the "fitness/bodybuilding" community is pretty funny and entertaining but now hes just opening ripping people off. Discuss.

(Mods,I seriously doubt this would take any profits away from the site but if you feel otherwise,please delete this post)


Token why are you going to gay protein sites?


Its what I do on my days off.


Wow,it kinda does say "Jyzz"


^ hahahahahahahahah


Maybe i'm ignorant, but who the hell is Zyzz?


was wondering the same thing.


Zac Efron.


And who the fuck is that?




That quote is actually from Poliquin. And obviously it's a joke, christ.



If memory serves this is a pic of Zac Erfon


Okay note to self never ask Nards who Zac Efron is and why Nards has this picture.


No..the thing you don't want to do is ask me who that Justine Bieber chick is.


Second note paragraph one never ask Nards who Justine Bieber is? While we are making this mental checklist anybody else you want to warn me about?


Never go with a hippie to a second location.


Knowledge can be frightening sometimes, especially with Nards.


That price next to nothing in Australia considering 1kg of average brand WPI costs upwards of $80. Yeah I know it's a rip.


It's a catchy way to talk about whey protein, i would buy it just for the fun value.