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Zyzz Found Dead



I don't really know much about him (I don't visit 4chan, but my best friend does) but I have read some people mentioning him here, so I suppose this is interesting.

It seems he overdid it with cheap steroids he bought in Bangkok. Again, this is what I have read, I have no idea myself.


Yea I remember people posting about this guy. Wow - 22 years old - that's sad.


LOL I was just about to make this thread.

Someone please explain why this cunt is famous and admired by many thousands of dipshits who couldn't name 3 current pro bodybuilders if you asked them!! Has this dude ever even competed? Is this a worldwide phenomenon or is it just limited to illiterate aussie bogans?! Are his fans really that stupid or am I just being trolled mega fucking hard?!



p.s. I think you meant to say "dead"


I literally just deleted my zyzz pic folder (no homo) this morning because I had stopped going to /fit/ and wanted to dump some memories.


Fixed the typo, which I specifically tried to avoid. Go me.

Well, it's 4chan...


Zyzz is (was) a 4chan troll?

Oh, well that's all you needed to say.


As far I know, he became famous there, no?


Ive only seen pics of him on news websites.
To me it looks like he has "chicken legs". Hence 0 respect.




I dunno man, I'm just seriously puzzled by the amount of adulation bestowed upon a guy who isn't really anything special in bodybuilding terms. I can think of several posters on this forum that are far more impressive.

I mean, it's a shame he died so young and all, but what's with the celebrity cult?


Wow...it's surprising how many guys that get really into lifting weights later find out that they had some undiagnosed heart condition.

Quite mind boggling!


i was wondering the same... never heard of him till he died


I don't know much about him but from what I saw he was a very arrogant, self-promoting type that had a fanbase of teenage girls and other assorted little kid types.

Just was a shameless self-promoter who - while definitely not big - had a proportional and "pretty" physique that a lot of girls got behind....


This ^

Sucks to see someone young die, but it also bothers me that society is so enamored with people that really have done nothing of significance. Not that I have, or plan to!


I've also noticed that over the years of seeing these reports.

They always find out the same way too.


I heard about him through a friend that described his body as his goal physique.

The guy was popular because of his internet persona. His antics, while getting laid a ton made him extremely popular among teens.

Just watch his videos, some of them are pretty funny if you can get past his narcissism.




Is that possible?


Nice looking, well proportioned kid.

Sad. So young.


What do you mean by "he overdid it with cheap steroids?"
The article you posted said he had a congenital heart defect. Steroids were not mentioned.