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ZRT Labs - Interpretation

The notes on the report say adrenal dysfunction and low thyroid function that could possibly be beneficial to use T4 supplementation.

Any inputs or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

What symptoms prompted you to go to a doctor and get these lab tests?

There’s a bit of a medical journey this past year explained in my other post.

But short answer on symptoms I’m currently experiencing:

  • lack of motivation
  • anxiety (never had an issue until this past year)
  • high heart rate 24/7 (around 95-100bpm all day)
  • tired easily
  • back pain (like my back needs to be aligned/cracked)
  • brain fog/disoriented feeling at times
  • easily cold
  • dark circles under eyes (usually in evening)

There’s more but those are the more regular symptoms.

Sorry, I didn’t recall another post. But, that’s enough to indicate the need for a thorough workup. Are there other test results?

I’d consider a cardiology workup, which I would expect to be negative.

If so, I would optimize thyroid (titrate upward slowly), both T3 and T4, as well as DHEA and testosterone.

So you are in trt 125 a week? When were labs taken after a shot?
Summarize you protocol.

Your total t was 400. Seems low on trt.

I personally would not treat thyroid yet esp since tsh is perfectly fine.
Low levels of shbg can indicate hypothyroidism or diabetes.

Did you check metabolic blood panel and a1c? AM insulin?
I would retake thyroid labs.

@highpull @trtwuzup I have had a full cardio work-up (stress test, echocardiogram, 30 day holster monitor) since grandpa and all six of his brothers died of heart attacks between ages 39-42. Heart and brain (MRI) have been cleared.

@trtwuzup this particular lab was taken about 2 days after injection. Usually my blood work has been on trough day and T is usually 500ish.

My protocol is: started at 100mg test Cyp once per week in Jan of 2020. After 3 I switched to 120mg/week and have been there since.

Fasting glucose is always under 100. The two times A1c has been tested it was 5.2. Insulin has been tested once which was 19 (range 2-24).

Grandma had hypothyroidism and my TSH has gone above 3.5 twice this year so idk.

I have a spreadsheet tracking everything (linked below)

Your glucose right under 100 as fasting is not so good.

If that was fasting AM insulin of 19 , that is high. Should be less than 10. If you were fasting, you probably do have a degree of insulin resistance.

Try to fix 1 thing at a time…

What are you doing about high triglycerides?

If I recall correctly I had similar numbers triglycerides were a little less for me. And a couple of doctors called it metabolic syndrome you might want to read about that.

What is your blood pressure?

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Also, with your family history of heart disease, you probably already do this, you should do a cardio workup every year not as detailed but basically just a EKG and echo, probably a carotid scan

All but the two blood labs when I went to the ER were fasting.

I took Crestor for my cholesterol for about 2 months which sliced everything basically in half. I stopped once number were reduced to see what happens for a recheck in a couple of months.

I was in Amlodipine 5mg for BP for 2 years. I stopped at the same time I stopped crestor. Even on the meds my BP was constantly 135-145/85-95. Oddly since stopping it, it has come down. I check BP the other day and it was 119/81.

Some other guy had mention metabolic syndrome on here to me. I’m not terribly overweight but could definitely benefit from some healthier food and fat loss. But the thing is I always feel like ass after working out now which is weird bc I grew up playing sports through college, I continued playing softball after work and was working out 2-4 days a week before all these issues came up. And my diet was more in check then than it is now.

Any suggestions?

Does these thyroid and cortisol levels look like they could be causing issues?

Hey man, did you ever get your issues resolved in regards to metabolic syndrome? If so, what kind of things helped. Thanks.

My blood pressure is fine. I am on a beta blocker and ARB since August 2019.

My triglycerides are still sightly elevated. Only thing off in my lipid panel.

My liver enzymes are great and idk if I still have NA fatty liver.

I think trt helped with all this.