Zottman Curls

I just read Pavel Tsatsoline saying that Zottman curls are lame. I know that this exercise is a favorite of Charles Poliquin. What are your personal opinions on this subject?

Yeah, and have you seen the size of Pavel’s arms?

UUmmm…I don’t profess to know more than Pavel…but, if I’m not mistaken, the ZOTTMAN puts the biceps (short head), and the “deep” forarm mucles through their major ranges of motion…supernating and pronating of the hand. This all leads to greater, and fuller, arm development. Am I off here?

P.S. Zottman’s are often confused with Hammer Curl’s…they’re not the same!..

An interesting little point is that apparantly there are a few different opinions on how to perform Zottmans. The manner in which Pavel discussed is different that how I have my athletes do them and that may reflect on his opinion. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, can you explain how you have your athletes do Zottman’s? - Matt

there is ONE way to do zottman curls, any other way is NOT zottman curls. peace (great negative overload BTW)

Zottmans are a great change of pace, but I simply don’t enjoy them so I add them like a condiment. RE the motion, lots of muscles have more than one function, would you say your chest and back aren’t getting fully developed unless you internally rotate the brachium? They are good if you get a taste for them, (Zottmans), so try them if you have been doing the same upper arm flexor for eons without change or progression, why not???

Funny…I never got much out of any type of curl until I started doing zottman curls. I do them the way Charles Poliquin advocates…i’m sure theres a description somewhere in the back issues.

Matt - I will should be able to get a short mpeg of the TWO ways I have seen Zottman performed in the next few days and will email them to you. In faith, Coach Davies