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Zone Diet?


okay so im 22 years old male 6'3 305 pounds at 33% body fat

im on the zone right now, eating about 16-20 blocks a day of food

now thats whats suggested for me to eat, and i was eating like that for abou 2 months and i felt alot better and i dropped some body fat and lost inches and stuff

then i was told by so many people that i was starving myself ( i still dont think i was, i gained 5 lbs of muscle mass and i was never hungry)

so i went up to 25 blocks a day, at which point i felt like i gained some fat and had no chance inches wise

my question is how the hell should i eat? i loev the diet i love all the clean food i eat and im eating every 3 hours, along with a post workout small meal

the nutrtion guys at the gym said i should go back to the 16-20 (17 was their number) to accelerate fat loss and just maintain muscle instead of build more) im sitting at 206 lean weight right now so i dont think i need to worry about building muscle any more until i loose my damned fat

what should i do?


Being a Former Fat Boy (FFB), I have to say that The Zone works. I will even add that it worked until I ran into those last ten pounds. That`s when I started thinking about adding muscle mass and going the extra mile, beyond The Zone, and led me here.

Here`s the article I wish I had access to back then: http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-118-diet