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"Corpses" displayed for the foreign press rise:

Are zombies the new Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas secret weapon?


Yeah. They took all of those long deceased individuals out of refrigeration to fuel the propaganda machine. It's clear that no civilians were victims of collateral damage in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. Israeli munitions are completely discriminate.


I think you missed the point. They are moving pretty good for supposedly "long deceased individuals [taken] out of refrigeration" to use your words. I've never seen a corpse bothered by a fly, either. Or laughing.

Not that their animate status would matter to someone like you, since you are so biased you can ignore a "corpse" moving of its own volition.

Must be gas. Or the moon or something.


I didn't bother to watch the video, but I do recall your assertation that the Palestinians took bodies from refrigeration to display to foreign press corps as victims of collateral damage.

So biased toward whom, exactly? You are the resident champion of Zionism in this neck of the woods.


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Ah, more anti-intellectualism. Why so much contempt toward the academy?


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Sorry to have disappointed you. Devil's advocate is too enjoyable of a game to play.


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No need to tilt at windmills Push Quixote. The PWI status quo that Israel can do no wrong and all of those who do not unequivocally support its security policies are sympathetic to terrorism is certainly a tempting phenomenon to argue against.


Come on man.

/le sigh


Is this the trailer for the next season of the The Walking Dead?


What's being said on the video? Nobody(at least nobody that should be feared-if the enemies of Israel and the U.S. are that stupid, why do we pay any attention to them at all?) would actually believe these people could be passed off as dead bodies, so what's going on? This looks more like a protest or something than an attempt to pass off live bodies as dead.


It could be anything, including an attempt to pass off live bodies as dead

If you notice towards the beginning while the camera is panning left, there is someone on the top left of the screen taking photos with a still camera. They would pass for dead bodies if it was a still shot. Throw that on plus slap some nasty words and you've got damn decent propaganda, in my opinion.

It seems to be some kind of a public event. There's not that many "bodies" lying around. In the background there are other people doing other things. Maybe they are all running a variety of propaganda pieces


Terrible isn't it? It reminds me of all those people who excused Polish aggression in 1939.


Those who can't, teach.


Yes, considering how many individuals come to academia after careers as practitioners in their respective discipline.


You can google this story. Basically, they busted the BBC and AP trying to pass off still photos of this as civilian deaths.

I don't think Hamas is stupid at all for doing this. We witnessed Bismarck on this very thread refuse to watch the video. Him and his ilk at the propaganda networks are willing co-conspirators in the fraud. They don't need evidence and will disregard anything that doesn't fit their anti- Jew worldview. So, if anything, this shows how smart Hamas is --- with little or no effort the willfully ignorant will goose step iAds directed.


I have an anti-Jew worldview because I don't unequivocally support Israel's foreign policy adventures? Not quite. Israel is a vital strategic partner to the U.S. In southwest Asia. However, this does not mean that Israeli security policies are above scrutiny. That kind of ideological bias and intellectual laziness serves neither American or Israeli interests.


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