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Zombie Vs. Kids


Chainsaws? All we need to stop a zombie outbreak is tabasco and some saran wrap.


saw that before, man some hardcore asian shows


LOL "dont you dare say that the zombie will get me! You haven't helped at all!"

Did those kids really think it was a zombie? They seemed terrified.


That was fucking awesome. That little kid kicked the zombies ass hahahahahahaha


Lmao that was awesome, if those kids were legitimately thinking it was a zombie they were impressive as shit. All the kids I know would've probably shit their pants and started crying on the spot.


Japanese kids are on a totaly different level.


I laughed my ass off at this line.


Sounds more like what I would've done.


Dude say you are a gullible six year old....The whole fucking neighborhood you live in starts to run down the street screaming yelling Zombie, mind you not just actors but people you have seen around before. You're telling me you wouldn't think it was real. At the end the kid looks like he is about to have a god damn heart attack.

I also loved how he called the guy out on doing nothing at all.


That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!! Haha, I mean seriously, in those kids minds they just fought off a real live zombie and saved their own lives!! I mean they seriously believed that they were in a life or death situation and they fought off the zombie. That is just great.


lol yeah you are right, I had to watch it twice to make sure though, because it's a show and who the fuck pranks kids like that? But apparently the Japanese do. I just hope that kid didn't get PTSD or some shit! lol.


that was pretty cool.

i think we can all learn a lesson about teamwork from those kids.


Good god, the look on that kids face when he says "come here you stupid!" kills me. He looks scared as hell.


Those kids rule. I think I would have just pissed myself if I was 6 and that happened.


i love how in Australia/America/England there would be national out cry. Go Japan for not pussyfying shit.


This is a weekly show that airs on Fridays at 23:20 here in the Kansai region of Japan. It's called "Tante Knight Scoop" and it's been on air for over 30 years or so.

I saw this episode last year when it first went on TV. The structure is always the same: you see something funny, curious or strange that calls your attention and then send a letter to the program. If you are selected, they send a "Tante" (investigator) to your place and help you out to make sense of it.

In this case the mom called the crew because of the kids being obsessed with zombies appearing on their street at night IIRC.

Pretty funny sometimes and always bizarre. Official website is here: http://www.asahi.co.jp/knight-scoop/


Oh the Japanese, so much technology, so little being normal.


The Win is strong with these kids.