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Zombie Plan


Just read the thread on Season 2 of "The Walking Dead". Very excited about that. But it got me thinking about my 'Zombie Plan.' Everyone has a zombie plan. What's yours?

I live in Jacksonville, NC. The area is relatively populated (despite being in the middle of fucking nowhere). I have an emergency kit for disasters and teh such. Has a solid amount of food, clothing, and survival gear. Get my crap and drive west to the end of the state and hunker down for a day or two in a storage facility I use to store a car and random supplies/junk. In the event of a full blown outbreak, haul my ass up north to Michigan and settle into my families abandoned summer home. Avoiding major highways (fuck I-95 in the middle of an emergency). Summer house is in a small town. Worst to worst, if I get run out of there for whatever reason, I can take a boat across Lake Michigan into Canada and attempt to survive for as long as I can.

Realisticlly, this is my plan for any kind of emergency/disaster that would force me out of my home. Flood, hurricane, social unrest, economic/social collapse, the British/the Russians are coming, flying sharks/bear cavilary, etc. The further I have to travel from home generally means the worse shit got. In any event where I can stay in the house, I'd be much more prepared. I'd just board up the windows and doors and wait it out. I have enough food and water to last months.

What's your plan?


why dont just fight the brits and the drunk russians? you should a hell of a time :stuck_out_tongue:

My plan is going on top of a hill with no tress we have nearby, stay on top with a scoped weapon and stay there as long as I can.


Cause like any professional military would, they'll bomb the piss out of the first few miles of coast land to clear out most of the resistance and then put boots on deck. Think Iwo Jima and Guadcanal or almost any other amphibious invasion for that matter.


correct,didnt think of that...


When the zombie apocalypse happens, my biggest concern won't be zombies, it will be panicked survivors. I imagine a chaotic situation only made worse by humans.


If things get bad at ground level, I'm simply going to move to my roof for a while. Zombies can't climb, nor will they think to get a ladder. I hope I'll have a little more ammo saved up by then. Beyond that I don't think a lot of planning or daydreaming will do much good.


I've discovered a new pod cast called Torrez vs. Zombies. It brings up some very good points. First of all what kind of zombies are we talking about. Night of the Living Dead or I am Legend Zombies. We need to establish that before we start talking exit strategy.

To answer the question. Grab a coat and go north. The thought is that Zombies will freeze once they follow me to a cold climate since they don't have the intellect to keep themselves warm.


I think a better question is do YOU have the intellect to keep YOURSELF warm?

I don't know you from the next guy, so I'm in no position to decide whether of now you'd know how to survive for a variable amount of time in a cold climate, but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you realize that it takes a lot more to outlast zombies in a cold climate than just a jacket.

For instance, how far north are you going to go? What happens when the zombies thaw out? Are you going to go around when the temperature is around or below it needs to be for an organism (dead or not) to freeze to the point of being frozen solid? If so, how far do you travel from you base camp? Are you willing to risk succumbing to the cold yourself?

Also, like someone said before, there will be other survivors who will also travel north putting a huge strain on already limited resources to sustain human life.

Personally, I don't have much plan in place, but what I would like to do and I think this has the best potential for a comfortable survival. I'd have a sail boat and live off of that in the ocean. I'd try to cultivate a modest garden on board and have some sort of desalinization apparatus with as little parts as possible for a.) reduced risk of wear and tear and b.) little replacement part storage space. I'd think it'd be prudent to, this is before hand, master how to improvise some sort of desalinization apparatus from spare or low important parts from the boat itself.

Obviously, I'd find it important to carry an assorted array of weaponry on board. Rifles, pistols, machete, assorted knives (for protection and to use as tools), blunt instruments (baseball bats, crow bars).

I'd think it also prudent to bring things with multiple uses (such as the sharped edge instruments and crow bars, etc.) as it reduces the amount I'd space I'd need. Also, I'd have a.) a wide band two way radio and either b.) a replacement or two or c.) replacement parts and the knowledge or access to the knowledge of how to repair a busted radio.

I would stay somewhat close to the coastal areas but far enough away to not have to anchor much. If I would ever wish to dock in an area, I'd more than likely stay off shore for a few days to observe the area to develop an educated guess to the level of danger in the surrounding area if I need to go scavenge.

Oh, and I'd try to have a large library of books on board so I don't go TOO crazy. Also, I'd want some companionship but a very small group for various reason.


Continue to live basically as I do here in Alaska, hope zombies freeze (and outbreak isn't part of global warming). Then run around and destroy at leisure, summer, repeat.


Do you know how to sail?


That whole argument's been done to death. If they can run the only difference is you have to be a whole lot more careful when you have to move beyond your defensive position for foraging or relocation. Beyond that it's a matter of getting enough food, water and ammo to survive. Then there's heat in the winter, basic sanitation (which takes an awful lot of water). All those things can be acquired but foraging is dangerous. If you group up with other survivors you have inter-group politics/fueding to worry about.

I wouldn't want to depend on other people very much, but it makes it so much easier to have people watching your back while you chop firewood, plant crops or do any of the other things you need to do to survive.



I'm buying a plane. I just need enough gas to not have to land.


My plan, if you can call it that, would be to build a place like this:



best we can wish for is shaun of the dead style zombies....in that case, live a pretty much normal life except swap awful treadmill/cross trainer cardio for epic zombie whacking once or twice a week :slightly_smiling:


Panic not my friend...we (brits) aren't into that kind of thing any more, ok i know we used to be in the 18th century but that was when we used to have an army a navy and the balls to use them and ven we aren't afraid of the russians.

Natural disaster and/or epidemic outbreak eg bird flu is more likely.

love to see flying sharks mind you !!


Head north to the wall and join the Night's Watch.


I honestly predict social and economic collapse or nuclear fallout before anything like a zombie apocalypse ever takes place. Even a deathly infection/virus is more likely than a full blown zombie outbreak. With talk of Iran openly developing nuclear capabilities, our poor economic stance, and our jackass president - its entirely possible that any number of things can happen that would rip our society apart. I'd rather be prepared for when SHTF that shrug my shoulders.

Also: food for thought - your fallout location is liable to natural diasters.

South Eastern America/Gulf of Mexico area (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisianna, etc.) - Hurricanes/Tropical storms
Western American (California) - Earthquakes
Northern/North Eastern America (Canada, New England area, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc - Extremely cold winters - liable to hypothermia
Middle America - They call it "Tornado Alley" for a reason
Mid-Southern (Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, etc.) - Extremely hot summers - liable to drought/heat stroke
Pacific Islands/Hawaii - Volcanic activity/Tropical storms

Your location effects the tools needed for survival - a thermal layer isnt going to do jack shit for you during the summer in Mexico.

Also also: consider this - cities are heavily populated areas with potential to create large zombie/mob hordes. Areas like Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta, Raleigh, Miami, San Deigo, San Fran, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, and any other large city would best avoided for added survibility.

For our firends abroad: how do your locations add up? (probability for natural disaster, overall population, etc, level of comfort for a Bear Grylles type survival)


The Others are coming!


live in tucson AZ, we and my bro planned this out a while ago, hold up in the near by costco. large store lots of supplies, plus its right next to a large hunting store with tons of weapons and ammunition. we'd hit that up first, then we'd go to the costco barricade the entry way with cars, (Park them right there), close the large sliding metal doors and live it up in there. move from costco to costco when we run out of supplies


xfactor - dont you think that Costco is a bad idea? How many people do you think are going to storm there as well? Whats the population in your araea 500? 5000? 10000? 15000+? Ever seen a Walmart in the middle of crisis?

Think about it like this: If people are getting knocked over, trampled on, and subsequently dying on Black Friday over some sales and good deals, what do you think a scared and paniced mob would do for survival?