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Zombie Lovers Unite!


Amc doesn't f*ck up shows. This should be good.

The Walking Dead is an upcoming American television series created for television by Frank Darabont and based upon the comic book series of the same name created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.[2] It will premiere on the AMC network on October 31, 2010 with a 90-minute premiere episode, during the network's "Fearfest."[3]

Starts on Halloween, who else will be watching this?


Comicon trailer.


Thanks for this, will put it on the DVR.


This show looks awesome but the OP obviously didnt read the "WTF is Up with all the F*** and F*ck and Sh*t?" thread.

Would probably be a better show if it was on HBO or Showtime so they could show more gore but it still looks awesome. I love zombie movies


*U** you @$$f@c3!


IIRC that was a sama thread? Does that even apply over here in GAL?

Anyways, I'm half interested, but, being a nerd and having read the comic it's based upon, I don't know if I can get behind it because I know there's no happy ending in sight. Lol, yes I am a woman.


Oh it applies everywhere lol.

I've never read the comics and I'm probably glad that I havent. Shows based off of cool books or comics never seem to live up... so I can watch and enjoy this show without comparing it to anything.


They were shooting in my hometown a few months ago. I was hired to give chair massages to the cast and crew, which was awesome! The makeup on the zombies was absolutely unbelievable. I think the show is going to be amazing. If not, it will be worth it just for the makeup and special effects.


Looks Amazing. Im so happy that Zombies are getting their own tv shows. Enough of this vampire,twilight bullshit.


I'm looking forward to this show. I live for the day that a zombie outbreak goes down. If it ever happens, I'll be like Tallahassee from Zombieland, loving every minute of it.

I don't think a horse would be a good idea though. I would want to go unnoticed, not announce my approach with a CLOP CLOP CLOP down the middle of a city street.


Horse doesn't run out of gas and you can always eat it if you run out of food.

Not totally unreasonable.


Horse or motorcycle are the best options. The last thing you want to be in is a gas guzzling Hummer long term during a zombie blizzard.


Motorcycle runs out of fuel; and is loud. I'd rather have a good mountain bike: It's not as fast but it's quiet, lightweight, no fuel, easily repaired etc etc.

Anybody else have a full zombie plan?


I see you're discounting the possibility of zombie twilight.

"I love you Bella, but I'm afraid that if we get too close I may eat you. Oh, and uhhh, my dick fell off... so that might be a... problem."


It's very difficult to devise a comprehensive zombie escape/evade plan as we don't have definitive intel on the zeds. Is the outbreak viral, chemical, or supernatural? If the former two, one would be more inclined to hang out a home with secured points of entry and adequate non perishable goods. If the latter, all we can really do is stay on the run.


This should be a good show regardless of the rating. Just think of "Thr Grudge". I had a hard time getting my brother to go watch a PG-13 movie but after seeing it he ending up buying it.


Since we are talking about good zombie shows. Check out this anime.

You gotta love zombies, hot chicks and violence.


If I have legislative power I empty out the prisons and put the citizens in the prisons. They are the most fortified and usually in a secluded area. The open prison grounds I would convert them into farmland and plant sustainable crops. Get some livestock in there. Make sure there is at least one whore for every man on the premises, what's a zombie apocalypse without whores?

On a smaller scale. I would make a bee line to the tallest building in my neighborhood bringing my supplies and weapons. According to Cracked.com based on true scientific reasons a zombie apocalypse would end relatively quickly


In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I would be a lot more worried about survivors than zombies. A zombie apocalypse would be a good opportunity for people to generally act out whatever sociopathic tendencies they may have.

I think there would be roaming bands of survivors that get together to rape, pillage and generally make a bad situation much, much worse. There would be very little camaraderie and sense of "fellow man", and more "every man for himself". You probably wouldn't even be able to depend on the military either.

I think holing up somewhere with as much "boots beans and bullets" as you can would be a very bad idea. You would be a very easy target for a gang of ne'er do wells, as well as zombies. You would have to move constantly, travel light, stay out of sight and scavenge in order to survive.

I know that zombie movies teach us that we can all band together to survive, but you know that's not the case. It would be total chaos, with everyone running about shooting at each other. Not an environment conducive to building a survivor force to fend off the zombie assault.


For those interested there's a good zombie podcast called "We're Alive" ... it's pretty entertaining and comes out once a week or so ... I listen to it on my drive to work.

Regarding the show, it looks fucking awesome and you can bet your ass I'll watch ... I f*ckin L*ve Z*mbie S*it