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Zombie Apocolypse Modified Shotgun


Makes me almost want to go modify one of mine.



All I need is my machete and the AA-12. It'll quickly become the Beast Apocalypse.


I think its a pretty dumb idea.

Shotgun limits your range of attack and is ineffective. also limits the amount of ammo.

Carrying all your supplies tied into a weapon is stupid (whats the first thing someone will take from you?)

Carrying a compas on a recoil driven system??? why not just bang your compass on a rock 2 times a day and see how long it works.

Why the hell would you attach a knife that you cannot use as a lance/bayonet onto the barrel. - Wait, Imma gonna cut you just as soon as I disconnet this knife from my gun you sonnamabitch you.

This just screams internet tough guy.


Are you sure you'll have enough ammo to survive?

They jump quite high, those zombies, you know? They've got superpowers now too, with long slithering tongues.

And when thirty or so surround you, even a machete and the most powerful shotgun in the world can't save you.



If you read his article on the link I didn't think he was trying to come off as an internet tough guy. You do make a couple valid points though.

I do not see a problem with carrying supplies in one weapon. Why spread everything out and possibly forget where something is if you are forced to abandon your area in a rush. Also I am sure a weapon similar to the AR-15 would be a very suitable replacement. (better in my opinion)


"7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)"


While they may be able to jump quite high, I'm like a mix of the Hulk, Deadpool, Beast, and Superman. If thirty of them surround me, then there will be exactly 180 scattered body parts littering the ground.


The stock Mossberg shotgun does not have picatinny mounts, so I purchased a barrel mount picatinny rail unit.

Excuse my ignorance but what is a picatinny mount?

Also this cannot be used to keep distance and stab something (bayonet) due to of course the under mounted knife.

So you going to hack someone with it? Or is a quick release?


I see your fail and rasie you one likely


A failure at trying to look badass. That is what it is.



Also the length of the weapon is pretty much a problem in my opinion also, in a field no problem, in a house serious limit on movement.


From Wiki

"The Picatinny rail (pronounced /�?p�ªk�?t�ªni/ or /�?p�ªk�?�?t�ªni/) or MIL-STD-1913 rail or STANAG 2324 rail or a "Tactical Rail" is a bracket used on some firearms in order to provide a standardized mounting platform. A similar system is the Weaver rail mount.

Its name comes from the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, USA where it was originally tested and was used to distinguish it from other rail standards at the time. The rail comprises a series of ridges with a T-shaped cross-section interspersed with flat "spacing slots". Scopes are mounted either by sliding them on from one end or the other; by means of a weaver mount which is clamped to the rail with bolts, thumbscrews or levers; or onto the slots between the raised sections.

Recently, NATO nations have finalised plans for a new NATO Accessory Rail which is backwards-compatible with (and could replace) the Picatinny rail."

I'm guessing the Ka-Bar he's mounted on it turns and pops off the slot raised section in that picture. No use whatsoever for stabbing and slashing, let's be honest, but at a push I guess he could fire and then reach quickly for the knife for close combat.

That's all pie in the sky theory however and probably fails miserably when fine motor skills come in to play and you're trying to remove a knife from a barrel quickly enough to stab someone in the chest before you get your shotty taken from you. Better off just shooting them =P


When I thought we were safe...


Dude, you're a buzz kill!!!

lol, I've read that article a couple of times ... I heart cracked.com


You forgot picture Polo


I catch myself so many time during the day dreaming about a zombie outbreak and what I would do. Fun stuff. Btw Polo, sweet avi. That show is freakin hilarious.


I dream about the Cowboys winning the SB and Jessica Alba, but you know to each their own.


If the zombie outbreak were to arrive I would find an indimidating black cop with street smarts and a pump action and stand behind him.


that mossberg is pretty sick. Looks like the one my buddy had that was his breaching shotgun (minus the knife)

putting a pistol grip and a forward grip on a shotgun plus the rail system makes a bad ass looking weapon. You need the pressure pad for the light though... no one wants to have to click their light off and on. LAME