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Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Log


My new theme song.

Can't believe my old log actually filled up. Cool.

Here's the last thing that happened in that log, 405x7 3 rep PR.

Probably should have a new goal with this new log. How's:

Squat 405
deadlift 500
OHP 200
Bench 315- that is if I ever bench again.

Seems do able.



Did you fill up your old log already? Nice.

I like your goals.



I know, right! Can't believe it either. Thanks buddy.


First of all...I love Lamb of God. Good shed music :slight_smile:

And that was a badass set. I was going to comment in your last log but it closed before I could.

I'm not sure I can do 405 x 7. Only one way to find out I suppose. Maybe next week. My back is fried from yesterday's work.


Love the music. Put a smile on my face.

Great goals.


You got this .... no fucking problem!




Good dead work, but I hate that piano tune.

this morning I set a new post hamstring injury dead best of heaviest set 5 X 355lbs, so I feel both stoked and serene today.

I have similar goals, at least with deads. My squat would appease me if it got to 400lbs too, my bench I fear will be stuck low for who knows how long.

Keep up the beastly stuff.


Got it All day long. Make a plan and then Execute it!!!

If you need help let me know.



Squat 405
deadlift 500
OHP 200
Bench 315- that is if I ever bench again.

Those are good goals, better than I'm likely to have these days.


Git- Thank you, glad to have the ghost of 405 behind me. Really getting into LOG, didn't care for them at first but they've become one of my favorite bands. Go get some 405!!

Snap, Matty, bulldog, DK, Elaikases - thank guys, I've only got 45 pages to reach my goals, better get at it.

Fisher- The plan will be 5/3/1 nothing special. Ideally I want to remain around the same weight 230lbs no more than 240lbs. I don't lose weight very easily anymore so the less weight gained the better.


Very attainable goals dday!

405 x 7 is AWESOME BTW!!


Awww, I would have rather heard your profanity. I admire people who can get themselves that fired up because I'm unable to do it.

Great effort on the deads. You seem to be on quite a roll lately. Long may it continue.

Keep smashing those PRs.


Thank you, 405 has been a big hang up for me.


The original video had an NC-17 rating, it had to be edited. Been taking Rhodiola for the last few months, it works exceptionally well to reduce stress however it also makes it pretty impossible to have any kind of fire for big lifts. Once I figured that out and stopped taking it prior to lifting anything heavy PR's have been coming again.
CT mentioned that getting fired up while training may be a bad thing for competitive lifters, since I don't compete it should be cool. Just get mad at it!!


Interesting on the rhodiola, i have just started taking it and don't seem to be having that problem with it so far.

However i am nowhere near 'heavy' lifting .

Getting really riled and rired up last week did shake things up a bit though so its not always wrong to get mad !!


Its funny about the getting mad at the weight I watch tons of video of lifters yelling, getting slapped and what not...and thats just not my style, I guess Im more internal and cerebral.

If someone slapped me on my back before a lift, I probably would be like "OUCH, dick WTF you do that for!?" You ruined my concentration...lol.


That's good that Rhodiola doesn't effect you, it's almost like valium to me.
Just remember heavy is relative. It's easy around here to forget that more than likely you're stronger than most folks your age in your gym.
What ever works man, just move more weight.


I'm not down with someone slapping me either, never understood that but to each their own.
Used to be the same way Matty, I'm kind of a go with the flow type but realized I was leaving weight on the bar. Starting to develop that me v. the weight attitude, seems to work.


Great goals DDay, ..I like it!! Best to you!