Zombie Apocalypse for Hypertrophy

I ran this program awhile back and really enjoyed it. I loved the ramping, mechanical drop sets, and all the olypmic lifts. I have a problem with program hopping and would like to focus on getting bigger; knowing I can stick with his program for awhile can it work for hypertrophy? Maybe with some slight alterations? Thanks ahead of time for any insight.

Well, the mechanical drop set will be very good for hypertrophy. The ramp, not so much. I’d ramp to a 5RM instead, that would work. I’d do most of the olympic lifts from the hang for sets of 3-5 reps or using complexes of 3 reps on an olympic lift variation and then using segments of the movement done for 3 reps… here is an example:

Gab tends to rush things, take time to reset between each phase!

Many of these can be done…

3 hang power clean + 3 front squats + 3 RDL for example

Appreciate the response coach!