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Zombie Apocalypse: Choose Your Weapon


mine are my headphones. despite having a very long wire, which could prove useful, i don't think i'll last very long with them.


Mine's my dog...

I'm a dead man


A desk..useless.


A pillow, yay...


a BBQ lighter... Could prove useful


We're all clearly unprepared for a zombie apocalypse...from this moment on I'm walking around with my .357

Just to be on the safe side


a fid.


Cup of cold coffee, stapler, my crackberry, whiteout, rubberband and a nickel.



we're all going to die.


The top limb of a PSE training recurve, Hot Head by Simon Ings, and a finished personal bottle of Belaya Berezka Russian vodka.

Almost useful.


MacGyver could have made a semi-automatic machine gun out of that


Pocket Knife with steel toe boots on. I give myself an hour.


your pocket knife is wearing steel toe boots? thats one bad ass knife


Damn straight I dont fuck around.


a victorian fire range (lit)


A wall?



A sledgehammer, I got lucky huh


A bottle of Balvenie 25 (Scotch) and a bottle of Knob Creek (bouron), some glasses and an ice bucket.

Cigars and a lighter.

At least my death would be painless.


I am a five minute drive away from where I used to work as a tree pruner/ landscaper. In the chainsaw cabinet they have 2 Stihl MS360 saws with 32" bars. I'll be owning the zombies, at least until I run out of gas; I won't have to worry about chain oil, zombie fluids will be sufficient.


All I have is this lousy grapefruit. This will only be useful if Kai Greene becomes a zombie and I can distract him with it.