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Zombie Apocalypse Alterations

I have been training for a 14 months and have been doing Amit Sapir’s No Machine Workout for the past five. My goal is to be better in combat: stronger, faster, etc. I am looking to move into strongman training as this is more applicable to combat needs. The Zombie Apocalypse Workout looks like a good program for this as I like a 5 day program and I don’t have access to strongman implements atm (I have a trap bar and pulling sled I made out of a truck door, but that’s it rn). The focus on overhead work and zerchers along with loaded movements. The ZA looks like a great place to start until I can acquire more implements. Only thing is there is no bench or row in the program and I would like to keep working on these. Also from the Strongman programs I looked at it looks like high rep bicep work is important to prevent tears. Where could I add these into the program? I was thinking perhaps substituting the Power Work (A) on Saturday for say a 6x3 on bench, 4x15 curls and 4x10 on rows? Or is there a better place to work these in?

I don’t like Frankensteining my programs. I cannot guarantee that it will work if you make changes.

I will say one thing though: it is already a grueling workout. If you add stuff to it, you must remove and equivalent amount of work for it to at least have a chance to work.

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Thank you for the response coach! Its the best program I found for my needs, I will play with things and see if I can avoid reducing the program to an ugly bumbling monster.

About a month ago, I asked CT what was the best program for an individual SF operator. He recommended the ZA. I have been using it as a template because, I dont have access to everything I need, but, IMHO, it is one of the best programs out there.

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@idaho it looks like an awesome program for combat arms, I have been looking at it for a while actually waiting for a good time to do it. Just don’t want to leave bench out altogether because I currently still have a good bit of improvement to make there. I also like that its five days, off days are boring.