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Zombie Apacolypse...........Closer Than We Think?


For years I have seen rather funny people on TV and online prepping for this wildly insane thing called a Zombie Apacolypse. Getting tons of guns, training there kids how to use them and all while buying huge amounts of food and saving it in a hopes to battle this global epimic fairytale ending of the human race. I seriously laugh at people every time I see something like this because they are usually wearing a shirt with a loony tunes character on it and camo something be it a hat, pants or vest with torn off sleeves. Yeah I laughed until I found this 2 days ago on the Huffingtonpost. It's pretty damn gross and it just makes my head spin. Watch and you'll understand.

My first thoughts after viewing this is which world government is going to figure out how to weaponize this stuff and use it against us?


More like "toxic jungle" from this movie, but close.

Anyways, preparing for the Zombie apocalypse is fun, we've already discussed that extensively. Sucks that The Walking Dead ain't returning til' fear fest in Fall...


dont you just know gadafi n his boyz have been playin around with this shit in his garden shed


Yeah I can't wait until that show comes on again. It's crazy how the producer fired the complete writing staff because their writing sucked after the 3rd episode. I seriously couldn't understand how someone could make a mistake converting a comic to a show. Damn look at the success of the movie Scott Pilgrim and that shit is just a line for line highlight reel of the comic and I love that movie. I'm sure if these guys would just follow the plot like the comic that they would be good........unless the comic is just that bad.


Yeah that's for real.


That stuff is an adaptogen, at least the one that grows on these butterfly moths in Tibet. Its good for you.


Man I love Zombie Apocalypse!


God I hate nature.

It is brutal, mercyless and completely indifferent to human suffering.

The next guy that tells me that he loves nature will develop a sudden case of dysentery or yellow fever.

See how much he lives nature then.


I love nature.

I also love guns, unprotected sex and driving around.

All of those things could kill me without emotion or remorse. I still love 'em. What's your point?


Nature is a sneaky freaky thing.

We don't see that obscure crap on most BBC documentaries. Shit it only proves there's way too much weird aspects or nature we don't know about that is out there, things we would consider totally alien that actually exists, that makes me realize we know much more about things like outer space, than we know about our own planet. The thought that there is a brain controlling fungus out there that could grow out of your body if it evolved that way is simply something I'd expect out of a H.P. Lovecraft book.

Shit, I'm amazed.


Whoa! The answer to the OP's question is in the last sentence of the narrative. Overpopulation triggers this thing. AWESOME!


So instead of guns we should stock up on mold killer?


Damn nature, YOU SCARY!


I don't think cordyceps are harmful to humans.


Good...it means he was paying attention to the same thing the rest of us noticed....that the "VATOS" episode (ep4) was pure bullshit and looked like it was written by the same people who do made for tv movies on lifetime.


That is exactly what I felt. It switched over hard to something you would expect from lifetime and I hope he brings someone with the level of Battle Star Galactica writers or something because they already have the gore card, now we just need a solid story.


Lol, hilarious.


Not yet, that would be why I wrote which would "Figure out" how to weaponize it and use it against us. Based on the video the cordyceps do a damn good job of population control once a species has become large enough. I don't think there is a huge population of humans in the jungle so it seems like no issue until someone figures out how to adapt something like that to an urban area and allow it to evolve there.


I"m thinking so.


Yeah this is the truth.