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Zoloft (SSRI’s) and Eblockers


I’m on zoloft and it’s enzyme blocks the liver from properly using nolvadex. I’m in a tough situation because I have to take an eblocker as I am on sustanon 600mg a week. I just need your help because the more research I do the more I’m scared to take an eblocker. Is clomid safe with Zoloft?

Arimidex with zoloft

Arimidex is what you want in your situation.


Not all SSRIs inhibit the enzyme but you’re correct that Zoloft is a one of those. You could also switch to another friendly SSRI such as Lexapro after consulting with a doc of course.


Anyone know if it’s safe to take arimidex with Zoloft. I would love to know because I’m in major need of an eblocker


Oh my god how many threads are you going to start about this?

We don’t know, ok? Ask a fucking doctor.


No known interactions between Zoloft and anastrozole.


Why did you not know this before starting a cycle? And why did you not have everything ready and in your possession before you took your first pin? Poor planning usually leads to poor results. It’s 100% avoidable. Think about your health first and you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to make clear, smart decisions.