Zoloft & Nolvadex

I’m currently on my first week of “hopefull” restart therapy. Going with KSman’s protocol of 250iu eod for 4-6 weeks, then changing over to a serm. Originally, I was going to utilize nolvadex, but after doing some research, it seems that nolvadex & Zoloft both use the enzyme CYP2D6, and for this reason nolvadex becomes less effective.

My first question is has anyone else ever used nolvadex with success while taking Zoloft? Also, would clomid be a better option as is does not interact negatively with Zoloft?

If that enzyme metabolizes both drugs AND the metabolite is not the active drug, the competition for that enzyme pathway would tend to increase the serum levels of both drugs by reducing their destruction; and the effective dose is increased. I have not looked deeper to investigate the implications of any medically active metabolites in this case. You have been very busy! We have not had this drug combo issue addressed here before. In any case, ones general liver health does also have implications with many drugs and general hormone issues.