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Zoloft and Tribex

My doctor just prescribed Zoloft to treat mild depression. However, I’m also beginning to train for a powerlifting contest and would like to begin taking Tribex. Are there any known contraindications for taking tribulus and a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor like Zoloft?

I don’t think there are any contraindications but you might want to call customer service just to be sure.

On another note, there are more effective treatments out there for depression and anxiety than drugs. I write about one of these in an upcoming article at T-mag. It’s been proven to be more effective and with no side effects, unlike most of the mood drugs on the market. If you’d like, I’ll send you the article before it’s published. E-mail me personally at cs@t-mag.com.

I have taken medications like this to help me sleep. I never noticed any interactions except for alcohol and stay away from Kava Kava and other herbal mood stimulants. You can always call your pharmacy or check www.webmd.com for interactions.

One thing you can pretty much count on if your gonna take an ssri is gaining bodyfat for no good reason.Not to appealing for a bodybuilder.

If I were to take medication for this, I’d stay away from SSRI’s. If you find libido dropping, you know what to point the finger at. It might be worth discussing with your doc the use of an MAO inhibitor instead (works on dopamine rather than seratonin). Something like Deprenyl looks favourite to me (a selective MAO B inhibitor), and there is growing evidence that there are many benefits for anyone, not just depression, like increased libido, living longer (or at least keeping your mental faculties as you age) etc.

Wellbutrin (buprion)may be a better choice-it can enhance libido in some patients and fat gain doesn’t seem to be a problem. It also gives me a little extra energy. As you are an athlete you would probably need a lower dosage-I had to get my MD to adjust mine down from 2x150 mg of the sustained release to 2x100mg. Only bummer is you can’t take ephedra or pseudoephedrine products.

I seem to remember reading that Wellbutrin is the original version of Zyban without the timed release (not 100% on that one). I have an aquaintance that used Zyban for a few days, and although he felt just ‘fiiine!’ on it, it really nailed his motivation to do much of anything. “Are you craving nicotine? No, I’m fine. Do you want a Coffee? No, I’m fine. Are you coming to the Gym? Er, nah. I’ll skip it”. This is normally one fired up mofo. Then again it is just the experience of one person. Sounds like it uncouples you from any kind of hang up or addiction ever invented :o) Take Care.