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Zodiac's Introduction and Help

Just wanted to introduce myself, just registered on the board, and im not sure if this is the right forum but I am a ectomorph (6’4 and 150 lb’s), and just got a gym membership to build muscle.

alater on start training for basketball, i was wondering since i was a kid i havent really needed to go to the gym because ive played ball almost everyday. But now I moved states and havent played in almost 2 years.

I wanted to get back into it and started am starting to go to the gym but the problem is: Ive never been to the gym before. I do not know how much I bench and dont know how to use alot of the machines (I go to 24 hour fitness and they have instructions, but I do not know the names of them etc…) any suggestions?

And any suggestions on how to overcome the little ego problem when your lifting so little to people that lift alot more than you do? Thanks alot.




First read those two, and go from there. Beware there is a great deal of truly honest people that can be very helpful.

Since you are a newbie/beginner it’s strongly recommended you are there.

Key rules :

Nutrition + daily sleep + Excercise = in that order :smiley:

Forget your ego, and be honest with yourself. Pretending doesn’t work at the gym. Don’t worry about it no one ever popped out of their mum in kickass shape.

Suggestion about ego: if that ego prevents you from actually building muscle, I’d modify it so your proud that you have the guts as a newbie to get a gym membership and honestly seek help. Accept your current physical condition and then decide what your going to do about it. If you don’t like it then time to pick one of the beginner programs found on this site and get to work.

Make sure you get the nutrition part down and understand 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended per night. If you cannot get that and get 5-6 then make 2-3 occasions for 20-30 minute power naps.

Without the proper fuel and downtime to rebuild ( sleep ) ~ your work will go in vain.