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ZMA's and Balding

Since ZMA;s help increase testosterone, do they help increase balding? I tried looking into, but could not find much. Im personally very paranoid of becoming bald, because my brother started when he was 17.

Is there supplement I should take to decrease or stop balding? Thank you.

No, that’s like saying foods that contain zinc and magnesium (ZMA ingredients) will cause balding.

AFAIK (not much AAS knowledge at this point), but only certain ones will cause increase in DHT, which is what will lead to balding

I like and use ZMA, but it’s not likely to raise Testosterone high enough to increase balding.

When I took my first ZMA supplement, my hairline did recede slightly and I noticed more hairs in the sink after I washed my hair. I stopped it and then I was back to normal. This is just my experience though, but I’m pretty sure it was the ZMA. Everything else in my life - in terms of diet, training, rest and stress levels were constant apart from adding in the new supplement.

Dam, that kind of makes me worried, but Ill keep taking it until I notice a lot of hair falling lol. I like it so far, I feel more energized when I wake up. Are there any negative side effects to zma?



I’ve noticed that when I started taking fish oil and ZMA, my hair became a lot more dense. I took ZMA first, and then mixed in fish oil a few months later, but I’d have to say “no.”

I’ve been cycling ZMA on and off for about 6 months and have noticed no significant difference.

Stuff it! If you start to bald just shave it all off anyway!! I’ve already gone a number 2 all over. If I lose the patch at the back, it’s a number one. If I then lose the stuff at the front it’s razor time!! If you’re worried about ZMA increasing testosterone thereby losing hair I seriously doubt it.

Tell you what though…That ZMA just gives the freakiest dreams though. DAMN. I thought I was the only one but have read heaps of others say the same thing. Vivid, wierd, bizzare dreams!! Wonder why that is. Someone in another thread said the b6 causes it. What does it do to cause the freaky Z’s?