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how much zinc is it safe to take per day…i have heard to much can be bad for the prostate


RDA is 15mg zinc for men.

Who cares if your prostate swells to the point at which when you stop peeing, you’re stuck at the urinal for the next 20 minutes waiting for the dribbling to subside enough so you can put your dick back in your pants?

What really matters is that you’ll be getting quality sleep and getting jacked!

I think that the reccommended dose of ZMA as per the Biotest label will probably be fine for health and supplemental purposes.

RIT Jared

What?s wrong with consuming a lot of zinc?

The zinc in foods can?t hurt you, but supplementary zinc can. Large doses (50 milligrams or more) can interfere with the body?s absorption of copper, another mineral essential to immune function. Large doses can impair blood cell formation and depress the immune system. In addition, they can reduce levels of HDL (?good?) cholesterol.

Can zinc prevent prostate problems?or does it promote cancer?

The prostate gland normally contains high concentrations of zinc, and it?s true that a zinc deficiency can cause a drop in testosterone levels. But that doesn?t mean that zinc supplements will cure prostate problems or enhance sexual performance. People have believed for centuries that oysters, a zinc-rich food, promote potency, but there is no evidence that they do.

The findings about zinc and cancer have been contradictory. As we reported in November 2003, a study at the National Cancer Institute did find that men who took more than 100 milligrams of zinc a day were twice as likely to develop advanced prostate cancer, especially if they had taken it for 10 years or more, compared with those who took no zinc. Zinc does increase blood levels of testosterone, which may promote prostate cancer. This is another reason to avoid high doses of zinc.

Taken from http://www.berkeleywellness.com/html/ds/dsZinc.php

Huh. A lot of zinc may be bad for the prostate. Supplementing with zinc increases your T levels if you had a zinc deficiency (very likely).

Soy products brag about lowering risk for prostate cancer. Soy products also mess with your T/E ratio.

Coincidence? If not, if someone tells me soy lowers risk of prostate cancer, maybe I can reply with: “So would castration.”