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Hi, I am new to this forum.

My question is, among the members of this forum, does anyone else out there use ZMA? If so, why? and do you feel that it is an effective supplement?

I am just curious about the opinions of other T-nation members on the matter. Thanks!

I would say that probably 80 - 90% of the fine forumn members are ZMA users.

The reason behind the use for most, if not all is simply for the great sleep it causes.

Dont expect it to make you huge or anything.


What is ZMA?

I use it and let me tell you, it gives me freaky dreams sometimes. But I also tend not to sleep through the night without it so I take it every night.

I use ZMA all the time. It’s a fairly cheap supplement that has pretty good effects. It helps you sleep and keeps your test. levels up.

Welcome to the forum. Lot of useful information here so start reading.

Here you go Travis, a link to some ZMA info -


I like it too. Great for sleep and funky dreams. Might help “anabolically” when dieting because you may not be getting enough zinc/magnesium when dropping calories.

I don’t take it anymore, that whole balco labs thing threw me off.

i’m a very light sleeper and never had a wet dream until i started taking zma


Personally, I like it a lot because I sleep better with it. One thing I noticed was that it contains higher than 100% of the RDA for zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6, and was concerned about long-term toxicity issues. But then again the RDA for calories is only 2000…

Definitely a great supplement for deep sleep and vivid dreams.

Mike Mahler

I have used ZMA on and off. It does give decent sleep. However, everytime I go on it after a period of staying off it, I experienced some strength gains (probably due to the increased T levels). Not a bad supplement.