Can anyone direct me to an article, or tell me, how ZMA works?

use the serch engine!

I have found many articles about people claiming how it is a great supplement, etc., but I have yet to find one on how it biologically creates an anabolic state.

Geez, topkat, easy on the guy!

Actually sacko, this really does warrant at least a cursory glance at the…

Search Engine!

before you post such a question.

Sounds like you’re searching the T-forum and not T-mag the magazine.

Anyway, here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

You can find more info at

Hey, Sacko, it just occured to me that you were probably doing a “forum search”, rather than the search engine on the home page, which is where you need to be when looking for articles.

Check out this interview with Victor Conte, the guy who’s company has the patent on the ZMA.

Click here.

use the search engine for the ezine. not the forum.

Who cares how it works, it just does! I love ZMA! It makes me sleep well and have the most wild and vivid dreams!


Would zma be recommended for someone who is 19?

Question regarding ZMA, which I have been interested in for some time. Now that I am the father of a 3 week old, and I have to get up twice a night for feedings/diaper changes, will ZMA make it “harder” to get up, or make me “foggier” when I do ?

Paul, I think anyone training can benefit from some extra Magnesium, but as for the boost in T, you probably wouldn’t need it at your age. We can all use the restful sleep you get from it, though, so I don’t think it’d hurt for you to take it.


Not in my experience. It felt as if whatever sleep I did get was much more restful as opposed to the same amount of sleep without ZMA.

I’ll second that.

In fact, it’s interesting. You wake up easily with no grogginess (other than the usual), and then go right back to the same quality sleep quickly.

I just started taking it and was amazed at how well I slept…very deep and restful.
Not sure I can handle the dreams though…The first one involved Mike Mahler and an Indo board.

Very interesting, thank you !