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They say take ZMA right before you go to bed on an empty stomach and avoid taking it with foods containing calcium. After doing some research I found out (what most of you probally already know) that you should take ZMA between your 2nd and last meal of the day. My question is could you guys please give me a timeline of when to consume the ZMA? Should I wait 30, 45, 60 ,90, 120 minutes after I eat to take it? Should I avoid it a certain amount of time BEFORE I eat? You know like take it one hour after your meal but don’t take it 60 minutes before your meal. Something like that. Also should I wait for a longer period if I consume cottage cheese for my last meal? I hope you guys are understanding this. It may sound a little confusing but I really appreciate the responses!!!

Usually in the hospital, any medicines that need to be given on an empty stomach, we usually go 30 - 60 mins BEFORE eating or 2 hours AFTER eating. Hope it helps. Peace, Tmofa

Thanks big man!