I just started taking ZMA (byISS). What kind
of effect should it have? So far, it make
me feel somewhat restless/anxious. I present-
ly take it an hour (or less) before bedtime.
Feedback, as to why and what is going on is
appreciated. Thanks.

I really don’t think it’s the ZMA. Good supplement, at least the Biotest version (haven’t tried any of the others) but it just doesn’t do that at all. Is there anything else in there?

I had to stop taking ZMA (biotest, 3 caps) for a while, as it actually exacerbated my usual problems with sleplessness (not training related, have had this all my life). I found that I was dreaming a LOT more than usual (and I dream a lot to start with) and waking up a lot, or just not getting to sleep at all. I stopped for a week or so, and just started taking it again, this time with some Nightrest(melatonin), about 30 mins before bed. So far so good…I’m still a light sleeper, just not as bad as previously, and definitely not as bad as with the ZMA alone. Gonna give it some time and see what pans out…

I just started taking it as well, mainly because i was told it was really good for helping you sleep, and i agree its done the opposite, i find it many times harder to sleep now.

Any zinc supp’s give me CRAZY vivid dreams. Nightmares a lot! That’s about all I experienced with that supplement.