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There was something written lately about ZMA that I cannot find. It referred to how to take ZMA since most people as myself like to drink a protein shake before hitting the hay. It says on the label to take on an empty stomach or avoid taking with anything that contains calcium. This issue was addressed, but I cannot find it. I purchased some ZMA, but I have such a fast metabolism, that I cannot afford to go to bed on an empty stomach. Does anyone remember how this was handled? Thanks. VEO

Why is night time dosing so important? What would be the disadvantage of taking ZMA as soon as waking up? Everyones stomach is empty at that point.

Take it in-between dinner and your before bed snack. Not a big deal if your stomach is completely empty.
ZMA helps you sleep - do not take it in the morning as previous poster suggested.

Bill Roberts has said that you CAN take it with food. I take mine 30 min before my nighttime snack just in case.

I concur with dave. I take mine about 30 minutes before my nighttime protein drink (which contains cottage cheese, hence some calcium). Since I’ve been taking it, my sleep has been deep and restful.