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I know the rules regarding ZMA use is 1) take on an empty stomach, and 2) take before going to bed. Can someone explain why these rules exist? What would happen if I took ZMA on a full stomach or in the middle of the day?

While absorption of zinc in the presence
of calcium is still more than good enough
to allow overdosing, let alone correct
dosing, still, it’s a little more efficient
in the absence of zinc. Hence the empty
stomach recommendation.

I personally never follow that on those
occasions when I use ZMA (severe dieting
where intake of zinc is otherwise low) because
the catabolic disadvantages of going hungry
ordinarily exceed any possible advantage
that might come from taking a supplement on an empty stomach instead of a meal. And in the case of ZMA, it’s pointless really because if absorption were insufficient with a meal, heck, all you’d have to do would be to take another capsule every now and then.

The reason for taking at night I suppose is because increased magnesium before bedtime can help sleep.