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ZMA With My Multi, Too Much?


I’m considering supplementing with ZMA, but my multi already contains alot of magnesium and zinc. I take 3 orange and 3 gray supernutrition optipack tabs per day…giving me:

700mg magnesium (oxide and glycinate)
40mg zinc (oxide and citrate)


I know ZMA is mostly asparate, does this make a difference?


You don’t absorb it all with your multi, as many minerals compete with each other. This is why it benefits you by taking it alone on an empty stomach.

So I would be taking a total of:

1150mg magnesium
65mg zinc

Is this healthy?

There can be mineral-mineral competetion for absorption so alot of those items in a multi will not be fully absorbed. Especially if consumed with food. Also ZMA has been made so that the Zn and Mg can be evenly absorbed, which helps alot. There is alot of evidence that says most people are deficient… so i doubt its a problem. As those two are hard to get enough off absorbed to meet needs.

I dont think your in too much trouble, if in doubt stick with ZMA and find a multi with lower amounts.

Most people are very deficient in zinc and magnesium. By keeping levels of these adequate in the body you bolster immune function, sleep better, and make sure the environment for test production is optimum if you are a male. You should be fine with both your vitamin and ZMA.


Does anyone know if copper and zinc compete with each other for absorbtion, or is it ok to take them at the same time?