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ZMA vs ElitePro Mineral Support


Whats better/ the difference

what would be the better buy for athletes


WHile I've never tried ZMA, I've become a big fan of the Mineral Support over the last few months. Not only do I sleep better, but I honestly feel it helps my body actually recover when I do sleep (and I push my body pretty hard, so the difference is noticeable).



i appreciate the comment, i just went for the better and got the Elitepro. i read alot of good reviews on it. During what times of the day u take it, when on workout days and when on rest days


ElitePro Mineral Support is a more complete mineral formula and the better choice when money is not a factor.


ok thank you


I take it every day, right before bed, usually after I down a casein shake or eat some cottage cheese.



TBH i noticed no difference between Elitepro and ZMA

than again, maybe my body did notice the difference but I didnt