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ZMA Vitamin C Combo

It’s become a habit for me to take Vitamin C everyday (a few grams in the morning, a few grams before I sleep). I find it helps prevent colds as well as get rid of them. I take my ZMA before I sleep. Sometimes I take both the ZMA and Vitamin C together.

My question is: If I take Vitamin C with ZMA, will there be a conflict for absorption?

I’ve experimented before with it before and found I still get almost the same results as taking ZMA alone. I’m hoping to get some science to see if what I’m doing is “optimal.”


I don’t know if they conflict, but usually C is taken with a meal and ZMA is taken on an empty stomach. That right there gives you a reason not to take them together. You could, say, have your first dose of C with breakfast and your second dose with supper.