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ZMA usage

I’m currently taking it 30 minutes prior to my workouts, and 30 minutes prior to sleep. When should I take it on off days ?

Um, you could read the label.

(You do not take it before workouts. It’s pointless to do so, just at night before bed.)

Actually, I think that the reason for taking it before bed is because it will supposedly enhance sleep, or allow for deeper sleep. Theoretically this will lead to a greater release of GH and so forth.

However, if you are not one of the people who find that it helps you sleep at all, (and there ARE non-responders)there's really no reason to take it before bed. Your body will still benefit from the Zinc and Mag, though.

Additionally, there isn't any benefit to taking it pre-workout. I'm not sure of the thread, but I believe Joel Marion said he took his about 4pm with some food, as he did not respond to the sleep benefit.

Personally I do sleep deeper when taking ZMA, so I take it at night. Hope this helps.

Tek, not positive but maybe his thinking was the magnesium before a workout might enhance strength. I use it for sleep too and only take before bed but maybe theres something to his method.

Taking ZMA with food is a waste because you must sequester it from calcium…

Actually, Bill Roberts has said that it’s okay to take it with calcium. Conte says differently so I’m not sure who to believe. I try to take it apart from a calcium meal just case Bill is wrong (for once!)

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