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ZMA Troubles?


I just wanted to know if anyone here has had a similiar experience taking ZMA. When I first ordered it I too noticed the better sleep as well as the very vivid dreams that would accompany it. However for the last week or so it seems when I take it I am having nightmares and restless sleep because of it. I have awoken several times in the middle of the night with my heart racing and finding it difficult to go back to sleep.

Now, no need to overanaylyze this as nothing is bad in my life right now so there is no hidden cause. Just wondering if the deep sleep experienced can go the other way on you so to speak?


Many ppl report very vivid dreams. Id say do your best to make those vivid dreams the GOOD variety :slight_smile:


It all depends on what really is going on in your life. No supplement can cause your brain to think a certain way. If you are prone to nightmare's, then I would agree ZMA may make those more intense or at least more often. Take a couple days off of it and see if you still have the nightmares. If you do, it's time to go see Dr. Phil.


My dad is actually the same way when he takes ZMA. It has just happened over the past couple years. Not that they were nightmares, but the dreams seemed to real he said. Now he only takes them on the weekend because the occurrences are 50/50 and he doesn't want to take the chance of having a restless night of sleep before a full day of work.


If you're having a negative reaction to ZMA it's possible you don't need it. Not everyone is deficient in zinc and magnesium. Having too much can be just as bad as not having enough.


I notice more realistic and vivid dreams of the type of dreams I was already having before taking ZMA.


Telling someone to go see Dr. Phil is SO metro of you. :wink:


What kind of factual proof do you have that this is, in fact, caused by ZMA? I think that would be hard for anyone to determine, especially the average Joe.

While you were quick to discount anything bad that might be going on in your life, dreams are usually caused / determined by things in the subconscious. Or even TV you have watched, conversations you have had, stories you have read / heard, etc. And as many have mentioned here, any type of dream will be made more vivid and realistic by ZMA. It doesn't only focus on "good" dreams.


No- telling them to go see Oprah would be metro. Telling them to go see Dr. Phil is just plain gay... :slight_smile:


The only factual proof I have is the fact that I take it only somewhat regularly and lately it seems on those nights I bug out. Who knows what it is, your right dreams can be caused by a whole number of factors, some of which may be within the subconcsious. But to dismiss it as pure bull in regards to supplementation is a little premature since I have heard that certain medications have been known to cause nightmares.

Check it...http://www.fpnotebook.com/PSY217.htm


Had same issue. Started splitting dose up throughout the day. Problem solved


Prock, why are you taking ZMA?


Taking ZMA to boost testosterone. Like I said before, in the beginning, the vivid dreams and restful sleep were great but now the latter. I might try splitting up the doses as suggested.


It's ALL gay... Oprah, Dr. Phil, "metrosexual"...



In my ZMA deam last night, there were cobras that could jump 20 feet high.


So it was a GOOD dream, then?


You know, it's really strange but I have never noticed any improved sleep with ZMA, only improved recovery times. Too bad I can't have a really sexual dream and pork some of the local hotties without, you know, the baggage. If you are having these kinds of good dreams, I hate you. I really do.

Seriously though, what the hell would be preventing me from the good sleep of ZMA? Hell, I still get the other benefits.


i experienced the same thing so i stopped taking it and my dreams returned to a nice level.

for me it was about a month after taking it, i can normaly lucid dream pretty well and manipulate situations if they start to turn nasty. ZMA seems to make it spiral out of controll and make it so overpowering i couldn't do anything.

shame really because the first month i felt a bit sharper in the morning.


I experienced my first, mild night terror in years on a stressed night when I first tried it.. bad idea! (Not Biotest's formula, but a similar one)

Fortunately that has not happened again as I have taken care to relax my mind before I go to bed since then- I do Mike Robertson's "Hardcore Stretching" (which I highly reccomend) before bed and fall asleep mostly undisturbed mentally.


I notice it too, I dream more and more intense, like nightmares.
But the quality of my sleep is improved, so that's probably the reason why I remember my dreams(more REM-sleep?).
I heard that going off for a couple of weeks is beneficial, otherwise you can adapt to it. Not sure if this is true though.


Indeed! Completely bizarre yet awesome.