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ZMA + Tribulus Stack

Has anyone tried this particular stack? I came across it doing some research on Tribulus because I bought some TRIBEX Gold yesterday and it from what I saw it seems to be a pretty good idea. Just lookin for some firsthand info

Sure ZMA is great well pretty much year round really aids sleep which can be a huge factor in recovery etc couple that with the TRIBEX sounds like a solid choice


I’m on my first tribulus stack right now and I can say that it’s going pretty well. It could be the placebo factor, but I think I’ve gotten stronger from the Trib combined with the Growth Hormone inducing 4 week program I’m completing.

Some people like this stack a lot, more people like andro and dhea and tribulus and even more people like using straight test, but this is an all natural, very safe stack, you should see some good gains if training and diet is in check.