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ZMA, Tribulus and Adex Stack?

I am going to start taking ZMA, TRIBEX-500, and Arimidex to boost my T levels. How should I got about cycling all these supplements in order to produce the best effects with minimal side effects?


ZMA and 3 grams of tribulus each night, empty stomach. works like a charm

cant help ya with the adex

good luck


I really don’t think you’re going to have to worry about side-effects.

Except, of course, a poor lipid reading if you run that Arimidex for a long time on a regular-to-fatty diet.


Should I take the ZMA and Trib. seven days a week? Or should I do like a 5 days on, 2 days off cycle? And also, how long should the cycle last?

5 on 2 off for 8 weeks, 1-2 weeks off and repeat if necessary.

this practice helped tremendously with my natural t production post cycle. my levels were back into the upper range 4 weeks after steroid/pct cessation.

good luck


I think the adex is a bit over the top. Is this a part of your PCT? If so, Nolva would be more appropriate.


Should I stack Nolva with the other two from the beginning? Or should I wait and throw Nolvadex into the mix halfway through?