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ZMA Timing


alright, i may just be too lazy/busy to ferret out this answer for myself, but what would be the harm if i were to take ZMA mid-day or morning?
i know it requires an empty stomach and all...


hmmmm....it makes me really REALLY sleepy. I'd need a nap for sure!


Yeah makes me very tired as well. I try and drop it at least an hour after my second dinner and at least twenty minutes before my pre-bed Grow! pudding.


Would you care to share your recipe for Grow! pudding??


I split it up with no problem. The magnesium is the part that May make some people drowsy(not me). Even then if you split it up into thirds you should be fine.

Im terrible at remembering to do things last before bedtime. Most often I fall asleep in front of the TV or wherever. So I was forgetting it alot of days.


What's your reasoning for wanting to take it then, instead of before bed?

It doesn't make me tired, but it sure does help me stay asleep.


I use some natural peanut butter, a couple scoops of chocolate Grow!, and a little bit of Hood Carb Control milk. You can play with the amount of milk to switch up the consistency.



Mine's pretty similar, basically I just plagiarized it from a couple of TC's and JB's articles.

2 Scoops Grow!
1 Big ass Tbsp Natural PB
300g Cottage Cheese
A little water


do blueberries go good with chocolate and PB? I usually put a bannana in, thats always good.


Yeah but not too many, they give it a nice little berry kick.