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ZMA Supplements

i was thinking of trying some ZMA for various reasons. Would be keen for any advice on brands etc or just zinc no MA but use copper etc etc

I use this product: https://Biotest.T-Nation.com/products/zma
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Should one be tested for deficiencies before taking ZMA? Looks interesting.

I use a ZMA supplement to help with sleep.

I use the optimum nutrition ZMA, primarily because I need about 750mg of Mg daily, or I get some really fun migraines.

So far, ON has been the best product, with that highest level of Mg I’ve found. Relatively cheap too.

cheers for the thoughts…

i think these are giving me ctracking head aches…once im awake they seem to go away but you wake up with it…just checking to see if it was them or something else

Most people do not get enough magnesium in their diets.

If you get muscle cramps, magnesium will probably fix and that result is diagnostic for a deficiency.

Blood levels are sometimes not useful as tissue levels are a different concern.