ZMA: Superior to other Zink/Magnesium?

Wassup dudes. I was wondering if ZMA really delivers superior results to supplimenting with other high quality forms of zink and magnesium. My Z/M supplimentation is as follows: 30mg zink (Twinlabs brand: a blend of gluconate, HVP chelate and picolinate) and 300mg magnesium citrate. Taken together on an empty stomach before bed, no calcium consumed within 2 hrs of this. Both are capsule form and from what I understand these are highly absorbable forms of both minerals. I suppliment daily with a high potency multi-vitamin/mineral which is high in all B’s and contains only chelated or better minerals forms (so my status of all synergistic micronutirents required to utilize zink and mag are likely good). So would taking ZMA really be that much better than what I’m currently doing? I read the article with Peter Conte where he hints at some sort of proprietary technology in ZMA where both minerals are bond to the same aspartate molecule which supposedly speeds absorption, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly skeptical. Anyone use this stuff and really notice some unique effects?

doh… I mean Victor Conte