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ZMA & Sleep Walking


I was just wondering if anyone else experienced sleep walking while taking zma? I have been having some vivid dreams since taking this stuff but nothing like what happend last night happend. I thought this was just a dream(but apparently it wasn't), I got out of bed opened my closet and grabbed my tub of Grow! and started doing pullovers with it haha, i dont remember how many sets i did or anything. Then when I woke up I thought wow that was a weird dream and you know if felt like real life like some of my other dreams before but then when I got out of bed, there was my tub of grow right by it on the ground haha it was so weird.


I started taking ZMA recently. For the first week, I had no dreams. In fact, I rarely ever have dreams. Second week into it, I'm getting some crazy dreams almost every night.

My last words before closing my eyes are "get ready for some vivid dreams". The other night I woke up on the kitchen floor. Landed on my ass. Obviously something woke me up and I just fell.


New formula perhaps? LOL!


Maybe haha. All I know is it was one of the weirdest things that has happend to me. I don't think I've ever sleep walked before but to remember it like a dream when it was real thats just weird.


Thats what you get for being a bosox fan.


If I was a yankees fan I would of probably jumped out of my window but instead i did an excercise with a tub of Grow! lol


Whenever I take ZMA I sleep walk. I find my self in the kitchen making a Metabolic Drive protein shake...

Those Biotest guys are amazing....


I remember my first ZMA dream. A Scooby Doo-like dog chased me through a hotel, showing me the capital letter A. If I did not obey him, he wouldn't let my father return from the dead.

Pretty much your standard dream.


I also started having some wild ones. It does'nt make it any easier for me to get to bed though. I had one where I was lifting fuckin shit tonnes of weight at my gym, like ridiculous amounts like repping 700 on bench and shit.


Yeah, I know what you mean. I had a dream I slept with Jessica Simpson. It was really Jessica Alba. Man, what a mindjob.